Damn Solana? Blockchain co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko explains

Not too fast in the morning, and slowly in the afternoon – The founder of solona himself returns to the problems that the blockchain has encountered in recent months. Real confession or excuse-seeking?

Day, night, day, night, Solana the intermittent blockchain

When it comes to Solana, discussions are rarely quiet. Users who like this blockchain are passionate and defend it body and soul. Those who do not like it prefer to say that it is not a real blockchain (in the first sense of the word) and that it never works.

It is true that in addition to the controversy over the “No” decentralization from Solana, recurring outages have damaged his image in recent months. With 5 outages in 2022for 7 in total Since its launch in 2020, Solana has managed to go from a favorite blockchain to a hated blockchain in a matter of days.
Between unavailability related to breakdowns, slowness or even voluntary stops from the team itself, this blockchain does not give trust, and above all it poses a real problem in terms of decentralization.

But for Anatoly Yakovenko, co-founder of the project, all these little malfunctions are quite normal. And if we listen to his speech, it is not really the fault of the blockchain.

Interviewed on September 2, Solana’s dad explains that these failures are a real curse for the blockchain. The cause of these stops? The fact that Solana attracts people! The low transaction cost And speed of execution (when it works) it encourages users to make very small transactions. Too much, which sometimes causes problems. It is paradoxical for a blockchain that highlights these strengths through its communication.

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Yes, but the others are no better! Bitcoin too!

For Anatoly Yakovenko, any blockchain has its problems, including Bitcoin.

“Bitcoin is designed to be extremely resilient. […] When there was a consequent loss of Chinese hashing power, there were times when there were two hours between Bitcoin blocks. And everything is fine. “

Anatoly Yakovenko

For him, if the same thing happened to Solana, we would not forgive him when he is almost “normal” for Bitcoin.

If there are two hours between blocks in Solana, the network is dead, as it is designed to create a block every 400 milliseconds. Solana was designed to be a low-cost, high-transaction-speed smart contract platform that processes 30 million transactions per day, more than all other blockchains combined. […] Binance Smartchain is one-tenth of that. I think Ethereum is a thirtieth. “

So the problem is that Solana, designed to process millions of transactions per day, cannot process millions of transactions per day.

Will this type of “mea culpa”, which is not really one, be enough to reassure disappointed users? It looks difficult. Today the “Ethereum Killer” blockchain is doing well, but the market is almost at its lowest in months. How will he behave when the madness resumes eEthereum will it be officially moved to Proof of Stake?

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