Fiasco for the price of Bored Ape, but top for the NFT market

The price of the Bored Ape collections is going down. The NFT market is purifying itself. The drop in the price of some collections is explained by a better strategy of speculation. The web3 has shown us only a small part of its potential so far. It turns out that the metaverse is a booming economic reservoir if you look at it through the lens of NFTs.

We know that the entire market is highly dependent on cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, the fall cryptocurrencies such as the bursting of the NFT bubble only have purgative effects on the ecosystem. Studies tend to show a bright future for the NFT market even if the most popular like it Bored monkey disappear from the area.

An update of NFT

Since the emergence of NFTs on the web3 market, different categories of creators and collections have filled the blockchain. Artificial intelligence-generated NFTs mix with digitized graphics, while the latter gets lost behind sentimental screens and GIFs. Investors and collectors have not been able to dissociate certain values ​​from trends.

Get lost in this trend fog NFT, several investors ended up never finding the way out. Currently, the trend is gradually correcting itself. We are on the verge of decoupling valuable NFTs from simple scribbles worth several thousand dollars. This is an update of NFT which should bring an interesting revival to web3.

Indeed, the decline of some types of NFTs is giving way to really useful NFTs. Now is the time to show the true potential of digital intellectual property.

The numbers are promising

Studies conducted on the evolution of NFTs on the metaverse estimate that the market could reach a value of 230 billion US dollars in 2030. On the metaverse side, we will reach 5 trillion dollars. These estimates reveal an important part of the NFTs in the circuit.

What should be the future of NFTs?

In the future, NFTs will no longer be just collections of digital designs created for fun. NFTs have an immutable character very beneficial for different types of financial and commercial validation and transfer. Non-fungible tokens will evolve into highly useful digital objects.

For example, they can be used as digital tickets to prove a payment or as an identity card for an event.

Hence, the NFT arts should get back on the path to success. The web3 community should value them to give them the value they really deserve.

The attitude to adopt in the face of change

The change taking place within the metaverse is intrinsically linked to the multiple cases of fraud and hacking in the environment. The NFT market is sculpted towards a more useful and safer trend. It is important to avoid impulsiveness in the face of this change. Investors will earn more by investing their capital More credible NFTs.

In short, the NFT market is gaining finesse for a promise of power!


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