Colmar. Spotlight on real estate on 10 and 11 September at the parc-expo

Candidates for a first purchase are welcome, people who wish to invest, build a house or renovate a house. The Colmar Real Estate Show which brings together about twenty-five exhibitors will help them in the realization of their project.

Find out the steps to follow

They will find builders, real estate agencies on the spot. There will also be representatives of the ADIL (Departmental Agency for Housing Information) and the Chamber of Notaries to support them in the realization of their project, in the new as in the old. Among other things, they will be able to know the regulations and procedures to be followed, the systems concerning the energy requalification of their property.

The show will also show many new apartment programs in and around Colmar to create your own residence or make a financial investment. Consultants will be on hand to inform visitors about projects undertaken to supplement their income, prepare for retirement or reduce taxes. Conferences complete the program.

“The post Covid madness is over”

The real estate landscape is constantly evolving. After the euphoria observed in the aftermath of the first wave of the pandemic, calm has returned. “The post Covid madness is over. At the time, many people wanted to go to the countryside. Prices had risen significantly, especially in the vineyard. Like last year, Mathieu Beyer plays the role of sponsor of the Colmar show. For the real estate agent based in Wolfisheim, near Strasbourg, the change takes on several aspects.

Direct consequence of this buying fever: the rise in “historically low” bank rates. “In a few months they went from 1% to 2%, which kept the market up. Another determining factor in the purchase deed is the usury rate, or the threshold not to be exceeded in the event of a loan. It currently stands at 2.57% for loans lasting 20 years or more. Today, with an interest rate of 2% excluding loan insurance, potential buyers, especially young first-time buyers or people with lower incomes, are often above the churn rate and have to forgo the acquisition of a new property. Pending the revaluation of this rate scheduled for October …

“In some sectors, prices have increased by 20%”

For Mathieu Beyer, this situation is not necessarily bad. “We are seeing a market correction which I find justified. Before it was completely artificial. In some sectors, prices have increased by 20%! Today the sales times have lengthened. In the past couple of months, I have received a lot more calls from individuals who cannot sell. Post-Covid, sold out this week! “

The negotiations are in order again. “Sellers are ready to accept lower prices. Obviously these are not the nuggets, those that make a wow effect, but the standard products where you can hope for a 10% reduction in the original selling price. “

In these times of economic uncertainty, the need to secure transactions must take precedence, believes Mathieu Beyer. “In my 20 years of career, I have never seen so many parameters combine. The increase in the bank rate, the usury threshold, the decline in purchasing power. We have the costs of energy, the price of gasoline that has never been higher and that pushes people to bring their home closer to the workplace. “

Mathieu Beyer will have the opportunity to discuss all these issues in front of visitors during the two days of the fair.

TO GO Parc des Expositions, avenue de la Foire-aux-Vins, in Colmar – Saturday 10 September, from 10:00 to 18:00 and Sunday 11 September, from 10:00 to 17:00 – Free admission –

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