French know-how and Serena Williams like Sorare teamed up with the NBA

The players keep repeating, “everything goes very fast in football”. So when football mixes with emerging technologies, you might as well say we’re on an intergalactic highway, where speed limit signs are quickly forgotten. Launched in 2019 by two Frenchmen (cocorico), Sorare relies on NFT technology to create an online game for the exchange of sports badges. It all started with football. Now there is baseball too, with the MLB (the American League) and, soon, the NBA.

The French start-up announced on Wednesday the launch of a multi-year partnership with the mighty American Basketball League and NBPA (the NBA players’ association). “We are extremely proud to have entered into this partnership, he explains to 20 minutes Thibaut Predhomme, right arm of Nicolas Julia, one of the co-founders of Sorare. The NBA was an obvious choice for us, because the fan base is extremely loyal and committed, because there is already a trading card market and a lot of statistics. “

Another step in Web 3 for the NBA

For the NBA, it’s also a logical follow-up to its “discovery” of Web 3. In April, the American League launched NBAxNFT, which aims to bring together everything related to “basketball with NFT, games, metaverse and Web3 ideas. “, Reports A few days earlier, the Golden State Warriors had created, for their part, the NFT responsive Playoff 2022.” If they chose Sorare to accompany them in the continuation of this development, it is because we are recognized in this market ” , greets Thibaut Predhomme.

So how did this French start-up accomplish this great deal? “Already thanks to what we have done in football and baseball”, replies the one who presents himself as the chief of staff in Sorare. And also thanks to the intervention of a certain Serena Williams, recruited as an advisor to the board of the box. Suffice it to say that when the greatest tennis player of all time presents a project, it doesn’t take five minutes to give an answer.

Serena Williams as Matchmaker

“When we have Serena Williams as an advisor to the board, she is someone we rely on to facilitate discussions with the NBPA and prominent NBA players, because she gives us credibility, as an athlete herself,” acknowledges Thibaut Predhomme. And this is how the game, at the intersection of blockain-based collectible cards and a form of gamification achieved through fantasy, will open up to the NBA.

Concretely, for users, there will be no major upheavals in the way of playing with the arrival of the NBA. All that remains is to set the number of cards to form your team (5 in football, 7 in baseball). But neither the pace of NBA games nor the disproportionate weight of stats in the League should interrupt the gameplay.

The product of basketball will reuse the successes of the product of football. But we will adapt to the specifics of each sport. We adjust to make sure the product we create resonates with fans. This product will be led by the New York office, where we have recruited teams of local sports experts, with many ESPN contributors, who will work to create the most relevant gameplay for basketball fans. . “

A new fan base

With this new partnership, Sorare hopes to recruit new followers. Today the start-up boasts two million users, thanks in particular to the 280 licenses signed with football clubs (those with Russia have been suspended due to the war in Ukraine).

“Every time we add a license, we” unlock “a certain population of fans, who will be interested in the idea of ​​collecting the clubs that join the platform, concludes Thibaut Predhomme. When you add an entire league, with teams like Lakers, Knicks or Warriors , you are pretty sure that you will unlock new fan bases. All that remains is to play responsibly.

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