NFT: why is the Islamic State (ISIS) interested in non-fungible tokens?

Daesh and NFT, the fun mix ? Although the current bear market in cryptocurrencies has put a stop to the phenomenon of non-fungible tokens (NFT), the latter are still a lot popular. For instance, FIFA will offer NFT for the next FIFA World Cup. Much more unexpected, it would appear that members or sympathizers of theIslamic state are lovers of these tokens, made digitally unique thanks to blockchains.

The terrorist organization of the Islamic State spreads its hatred through NFT

This is very curious news reported by the Wall Street Journal. In a publication published on September 4, 2022, we learn that supporters of theIslamic state (ISIS) allegedly coined and sold non-fungible tokens.

Hence, a titled NFT “IS-NEWS # 01”, with the emblem of the terrorist organization, would have been sighted. The latter would glorify a offensive of ISIS members against a position of Taliban in Afghanistan. The two Islamist currents are in conflict in this region.

According to Yaya Fanusiea former member of the counterterrorism of the CIA (CIA), “It was just a matter of time” before ISIS exploited these new financial technologies. The goal is to spread his propaganda messages and finance his criminal activities.

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First tests before a wider use attempt?

In fact, Daesh supporters have unfortunately understood resistance to censorship offered by decentralized blockchain networks. Because unlike online sites hosted through serverit is impossible to delete a distributed computer network. They are distributed all over the planet (the nodes of a blockchain).

“It is as resistant to censorship as possible. (…) There is no real way to bring down this NFT. “

Mario Cosby, former US federal intelligence analyst

And indeed, some analysts quoted by the WSJ believe these early NFTs are some kind of testto see if it is possible go around counter-terrorism supervisory authority. Especially for raise funds.

Likewise, the question of whether the market squares by NFT will delete (or not) this type of content was born, to know if these first tests are likely to pass on a larger scale.

One of the NFT exchanges where this token is present, in this case OffshoreLike this ad removed from its website e closed the account of the author of the ad. The site invoked “zero tolerance for advertisements that incite hatred and violence”.

While it is virtually impossible to remove this type of NFT from blockchains, it is still possible To followand of track transactions that concern them. This NFT was, in fact, discovered and charted very quickly. On the other hand, the anti-terrorism and anti-money laundering supervisory authorities are of concern anonymization services blockchain transactions. We understand so better than the lightning of the The US Treasury fell on Tornado Cash.

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