What is Nephilim NFT, NEAR blockchain and DeFi?

Nephilim is a decentralized and independent organization of people around the world with a common vision that runs on the NEAR blockchain, made up of 666 animated NFTs designed and created by a collection of artists. Read on and find out more about the Nephilim project.

What is Nephilim?

The Nephilim project is a decentralized and independent organization of people around the world who have a common vision. It works on the NEAR blockchain. The Nephilim NFTs are originally 666 animated NFTs running on the NEAR protocol, designed and created by a collection of artists depicting various styles of real-world gaming backgrounds, incorporating weapons and gear into their work and granting them exclusive access to the Nephilim .

The project aims to create a decentralized autonomous organization that will allow community members with different skills to collaborate and provide services in exchange for fair compensation through its independent Web3 platform based on the NEAR protocol.

Nephilim independent platform

The Nephilim Freelancer Platform (NeFP) is one of the first independent decentralized platforms on the NEAR protocol. Self-employment has grown tremendously over the past decade and is expected to further increase in the years to come. With this growth, the self-employed will represent up to 80% of the entire global workforce by 2030 (Hamann, TK, Guldenberg, S., 2021). Once considered a secondary income and additional jobs, self-employment has now become an important job option.

The independent platform is also widely used for prototyping / starting a Web3 project. However, if you think that only small businesses use freelance platforms, you will be surprised. An Accenture report indicates that one hundred (100) Fortune 500 companies use freelance platforms (Yili Hong, PauI A. Pavlou, 2013). Likewise, self-employment is becoming more and more popular today as more and more people find it profitable and affordable, which means more talent for companies.

working groups

Qualified DAO members will also be able to form work groups, such as a group of painters who form a work group to complete a specific task. Groups can also offer work as a unified entity. When forming a group, our smart contract will allow entrepreneurs to set up profit sharing.

Independent independent platform

Traditionally, there are a lot of hassles when it comes to finding the right freelancer for a specific task. Although most platforms have their own mechanisms to prevent fraud and poor deliveries such as depositing funds, most people still waste time even though they can get their funds back if they are not satisfied with the delivery.

Furthermore, the information of freelancers on the web2 platform can be manipulated in several ways. It’s hard to tell if the freelancer has the right skills. However, when using a blockchain contract and our DAO, jobs and freelancers are governed by a smart contract. Our DAO will provide a secure way to ensure that all freelance information is authentic. For example, some freelancers will use multiple accounts, create fake jobs, and compete with the other account for a better reputation (mostly stars / comments). We avoid this by using our DAO and community-governed job delivery; this delivery will be invalid work and will not increase the reputation of the freelancer.

One of the features that stand out from other freelance platforms is our use of our DAO, which also allows multiple people to form guilds / divisions / task groups so that they can work together to complete larger jobs, which may not be in. able to work alone. , the contribution to the payment of labor is also governed by the agreed quota indicated in the smart contract.

cryptographic payments

Most Web3 project teams may have their core resources on the chain, but must pay for services via a Web2 platform. This is a big hurdle, especially since many native crypto startups cannot be quickly funded in traditional ways. Additionally, most independent platforms will hold their funds less transparently for a reasonably long period of time; some platforms hold their funds after the work is completed for more than two weeks and also may have to open bank accounts, which causes more problems for both the freelancer and the job provider. Our Web3 freelance platform uses cryptocurrency for payments, which will provide a faster, easier and more transparent way for both parties to process payments.


A guild is a community of individuals led by various higher-ranking members. Each member who respects a certain contribution to the general will be high in the ranking. Additionally, guilds will provide an additional layer of governance for the quality of DAO contractors. Collaborative coaching will be the key method for guild members to supervise each other and improve the overall quality of work.

Advantages of Nephilim NFT

Since everyone can contribute by completing tasks and collecting rewards, NFT Nephilim holders will benefit from the shared distribution of tasks. Nephilim NFT holders will be able to participate in the revenue generated by our freelance platform. The holder’s share of income is determined by the number of NFTs he owns. Having multiple NFTs allows the holder to take advantage of the bet multiplier.

Holders will be able to increase their NFT staking payment in the future by burning a specific amount of tokens using our gamified staking contract. In addition to the revenue share, holders receive a 50% share of the secondary market royalties.

  • Revenue sharing based on the Freelancer platform and Project Launchpad tool layers
  • Secondary market royalty split is 50%
  • Free tools to use
  • Breakdown of revenue by level of all revenue generated by other secondary instruments

In addition to the elements described above, even more value will be added for NFT Nephilim owners and community supporters in the future.

How does decentralization work with a freelance platform?

List of activities on Nep Marketplace

From the user’s point of view, the listing of activities on our freelance platform will be simple and straightforward; how business providers need their businesses, budget and timeframe. Traditionally, freelancers can only approach the individual task, but using our best DAO, you can contact different guilds / groups in our DAO to find the solution for the project. In addition, freelancers can also create a task force to help us others in the necessary task with the price based on the contribution. We also focus on ease of use to provide the best user experience for vendors and freelancers. Therefore, a Nephilim platform creates a friendly user interface with a complex and secure back-end process.


The most crucial element of a successful job is communication. However, most independent platforms may not allow you to redirect as shares to other social apps like Discord and Telegram. However, we encourage users to use these tools to better connect with the builder community and enable better resource management using private rooms, group chats, and more. Our smart contract will also adjust the milestone / scope of work for the job to track the progress of the activities and synchronize the vendor and freelancer.

Managed delivery

The job provider can have delivery and progress adjusted by our CAD. In addition, can choose between different levels of resource provider providing the project, work can choose between some governance: from complete: this all in the DAO with a corresponding professional status with grade not based on the requirements met 2 Audit delivery from the supplier , etc. accepted by both parties. A set of government rules will govern both delivery options, which must be followed by all members involved in managing a project.


Intelligent will take care of the distribution of profits while ensuring confidentiality, as they are distributed directly to project collaborators in NEAR. Additionally, as the project executors will not be approved by the project, they will be released to NephilimFT and job holders, and work compensation will be awarded for activities that have made a positive contribution to the business.

Nephilim NFT Staking

Nephilim allows global investors to participate in Token of Certainty tokens while they are already in development. By betting on Nephilim NFT, traders can be sure that their funds are safe. The value of the locked tokens will immediately allow access to ownership of the issuing party’s shares, consolidating the token generation event in Nephilim’s NFTs and dispersing Near from investors selling directly to token holders.

However, NFTs will not be distributed equally to all network participants. In the model, only a limited number of tokens can be obtained by betting on Nephilim and users must wager their Nephilim to gain access to the unlocked tokens available for distribution. However, it does offer a financial incentive to everyone who completes the program. It also ensures the rarity of the collection, which helps interested parties and market listings where players buy and sell, rather than taking them out of business.

Partner of the Nephilim team

  • Secret Society of Skellies – The Nephilim team has partnered with SSS to offer users the option to pay with $ UTOPIA.
  • El Cafe Cartel – The team partnered with El Cafe Cartel, responsible for the initial creation of the token.
  • NEKO Token – They have also teamed up with NEKO Token who will host a bug rewards event on the indie platform.
  • Near Future – Nephilim developers partnered with NEAR Future to deliver NF: Classic Teaser Mint!

Where to buy NFT Nephilim?

The NFTs of the Nephilim project can be traded on the NFT market below:


The Nephilim project is a decentralized and autonomous organization made up of people from all over the world who return a shared vision. The Nephilim project aims to generate a decentralized autonomous organization that will allow community members with broad skills to work together and provide services in exchange for fair compensation through an independent Web3 platform on the NEAR protocol. PortalCripto hopes that the article has provided the necessary information about the Nephilim project.

* PortalCripto values ​​the quality of the information and certifies the verification of all the contents produced by its team, underlining however that it does not formulate any type of investment recommendation, as it is not responsible for losses, damages (direct, indirect and ancillary), costs and failure I earn.

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