Estate of David Bowie teams up with nine artists for the NFT project

Bowie on the Blockchain “Will present works that incorporate” manufactured goods straight from David Bowie’s archives.

The Estate of David Bowie is launching a new NFT series, ” Bowie on the Blockchain which will present works by nine different artists who will pay homage to the legend of music.

The NFT project was launched by the David Bowie property, We Love the Arts company and the NFT OpenSea market, where the sale will be launched on September 13th. All profits made by the Bowie estate will be donated to CARE, a non-profit organization for which Iman, Bowie’s widow, works.

Bowie has been an art lover and collector all his life. Andrew Keller, co-founder of We Love the Arts, explains that it was the musician’s legacy that contacted him to integrate him into the blockchain. ” The more you think about what the cryptocurrency space really is, the more you realize how Bowie was ahead of his time with some of the ways he engaged with his fans, be it BowieArt, BowieWorld, Bowie Bonds, BowieNet, Keller explains to RollingStone in an email. He was also doing digital art himself, and what excited me so much was the idea of ​​making people aware of all these things they probably don’t think about or don’t know when they think of Bowie, and for me it was really on. consolidating its legacy on the blockchain and creating beautiful and meaningful art. Having our “why” was so important and really guided every element of this process.

In selecting artists for the project, Keller said he and his partner, film producer Joaquin Acrich, were inspired by the kind of art Bowie liked, as well as his efforts to support emerging and lesser-known artists. The only other rule they imposed, Keller notes, was that artists had to ” having some sort of personal connection, which, when it comes to David Bowie, isn’t very difficult “The nine artists selected are Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova, Fewocious, Jake, Defaced, Osinachi, Young and Slick, Lirona, Glam Beckett and Jonathan Wolfe.

To make the pieces even more special, all artists could include ” manufactured goods taken directly from the Bowie archives. ” The archive is simply fantastic and so comprehensive that we were able to provide everything Bowie had painted upon request, from handwritten notes, stage sketches or costumes that artists could incorporate into their palette.Keller explains. Some have been inspired by it, others have integrated digitized versions of archival documents into their works.

Keller also touches on some of the NFTs, adding: “ JAKE worked with one of Bowie’s works from his D-head series. Lirona took Bowie’s autograph and the calligraphy samples we gave him to write the name of her favorite album and turned them into almost luminescent body art for her #BOI character. The buyer will also receive an amazing massive sculpture made by Fewocious, wearing one of Bowie’s costumes from the archives.

Jon Blisten

Translated by the publisher

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