L’Equipe launches a collection of NFTs for the Golden Ball

Sent September 8, 2022, 6:04 pm

Karim Benzema? Lionel Messi? Kylian Mbappé? Who will be the 66th Ballon d’Or? While this question animates the discussions among football lovers from all over the world, the L’Equipe group, which organizes the ceremony, innovates for its new edition. The trophy will be awarded on October 17 at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, during a ceremony broadcast in nearly 200 countries.

If it is the famous 15kg brass ball encased in a block of pyrite that each of the 30 candidates hopes to receive, the best player on the planet will also be the first to receive a “digital double” of his trophy this year. in the form of an NFT. The first for an awards ceremony of this kind, all sectors combined, according to the French media group. The virtual trophy will be registered on the blockchain, the technology underlying the NFT that allows you to associate a digital object with a certificate of authenticity.

A collection of NFTs from 2022

L’Equipe will also launch a collection of NFT 2022 shortly before the ceremony. As with many other NFT collections, some of them will entitle the owner of the digital work to benefits such as access to exclusive events or content developed by the Ballon d’Or brand. Three more NFTs designated in 3D by crypto-artist Léo Caillard will be auctioned to give access to the ceremony on October 17.

“With many changes for this edition in the organization of the ceremony such as the date or the constitution of the jury, this edition represents an opportunity to bring a touch of innovation to the Golden Ball brand” explains Emilie Montané, director of strategy and development for the L’Equipe group.

While the NFT market has collapsed after a period of euphoria, the group believes that “there is a significant community of buyers that has consolidated”. “NFTs are a new market that, like any new market, goes through periods of speculation and stabilization. We can therefore think that the market has cleared up, that there are fewer transactions at crazy prices ”, explains the strategic director.

The sale could generate more than 500,000 euros, to which will be added the revenues from the auctions. The Team will also charge a 7.5% commission. in the secondary market. Part of the profits generated by the operation will be donated to Fondaction l’Equipe, which supports projects of general interest linked to sport, the group specifies.

A more connected audience

The Ballon d’Or ceremony is one of the most followed trophy presentations in the world and represents a very valuable resource for the L’Equipe group. In 2021, 1.3 million Internet users were present live on the L’Equipe platform, 200 million people were reached on social networks and 5.1 million videos on the Golden Ball were seen throughout the day.

Strengthened by this exposure, the goal of the L’Equipe group with this project is to “make the Golden Ball brand known to another target, younger and more connected, in particular cryptocurrency enthusiasts and federate a community” the leader emphasizes.

With this in mind, the group wants to bring the “all year” event to life and are experimenting with new uses of Web3 by animating a group on the social network Discord. “This first collection requires others because the Golden Ball and more generally the L’Equipe group and the Amaury group want to project themselves in a sustainable way into the world of Web3”, the media group proposes.

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