The Ballon d’Or 2022 goes to NFT

This is the first time for an awards ceremony of this kind, with the “digital doubles” of the trophies. The 66th Golden Ball will be awarded on 17 October at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris.

The winners of the Ballon d’Or will receive a “digital double” of their trophy in the form of an NFT, during the presentation of the most prestigious individual award in the world of football this year, announced on Thursday by the group L’Equipe at AFP. , event organizer.

This virtual trophy will be “unique in its metadata and permanently anchored to the blockchain”, the technology underlying NFT, tokens that associate a digital object with a non-falsifiable certificate of authenticity, guaranteeing its official ownership to its sole owner.

A first

This is the first time for such an award, all sectors combined, according to the French media group.

Owned by the L’Équipe group and created by France Football in 1956 the 66th Ballon d’Or will be awarded on 17 October at the Théâtre du Châtelet in Paris, during a ceremony broadcast in nearly 200 countries.

In addition to the male and female Ballon d’Or, which reward the best player and the best player on the planet, three other prizes will be awarded: Kopa Trophy (best hope), Yachine Trophy (best goalkeeper), Müller Trophy (best striker).


Furthermore, The group will launch a general public auction of several unique digital objects designed by artist Léo Caillard, on a dedicated platform, based on the Tezos blockchain, renowned in particular for its low energy consumption.

Each of them will have real-world advantages, clarified The group. On September 15th, 3 NFTs called “True Pyrite” will be auctioned, representing in 3D the precious stones at the base of the prestigious trophy. These NFTs will give their holder “VIP access” to the ceremony on October 17th.

Then, from October 23-24, 1,872 NFTs nicknamed “Pyrite Fragments” will go on sale in two phases. Finally, on 8 November, during the traditional annual auction of single print art photos of the L’Équipe group, 2 “artistic” NFTs will be available, giving access to the 2023 Ballon d’Or ceremony.

“The strength of sport in the NFT environment is that we can offer a digital asset to which we add ‘utilities’ that exist in real life to give them even more value and desirability,” Emilie Montané, director of strategy, explained to AFP. and development of the L’Equipe group.

In addition to football fans from all over the world, the leader hopes to make the “brand” of the Golden Ball known to “another target” and to give life to the event “all year round”.

“We think with this operation we will rejuvenate our audience and achieve a connected goal. It was something very important to us,” he insisted.

“This first collection calls others because the Golden Ball, and more generally the L’Équipe group and the Amaury group, want to project themselves in a sustainable way into the world of Web 3”, the new era of internet decentralization, by his stressed the media group.

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