The first NFT exhibition of African art in France will take place in October 2022

(NEUVIEMETOIT) – Neuvième Toit, a collective of French-speaking creators, and AKAA, a contemporary art fair in Paris dedicated to the artistic scenes of Africa and its diasporas, will exhibit African works of art for the first time in France in the ” NFT ”(non-fungible token).

This project is part of the AKAA 2022 artistic program, around movement, a polysemic notion with a space-time, artistic and socio-political dimension. It will take the form of an immersive artistic proposal, with physical (wooden tablets, wool rugs) and digital (NFT, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) supports.

Led by Neuvième Toit, this exhibition will welcome its first visitors from 20 to 23 October, at the Carreau du Temple (Paris), during Also Known As Africa (AKAA), the first French fair of contemporary art and design focused on Africa – also project partner.

For this first edition, Neuvième Toit will exhibit the works of the Franco-Ivorian artist Willow Evann, in collaboration with the gallery 31 Project Paris and the agencies NFT4All and Makom, with an immersive artistic proposal that combines both the perception of the real world and its virtual mirror.

Three physical works will be proposed by Willow Evann (Google Black, tornAnd Zauli) in a space that will also host their versions in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). Visitors will be able to access it using a VR headset or tablet equipped with an AR application.

Willow Evans, artist, said : “Our artistic proposal is part of a process of reflection on what the“ black and African world ”is, the perceptions that revolve around these concepts and the construction of the symbols and stereotypes they arouse, often in spite of themselves. It is at the service of this idea that we have mobilized various technological solutions (NFT, VR, AR), in order to encourage our visitors to question their own prejudices and representations “.

In the continuity of its approach aimed at democratizing African art and contributing to the autonomy of the artists of the continent and its diaspora, Neuvième Toit will offer a collection of 500 NFTs based on the works Google Black, torn And Zauli by the artist Willow Evans.

Goudet Abalé, president of the Nono Toit said: “In a context characterized by the greater appreciation of African art, which contrasts with the persistent difficulties of its creators to derive a sustainable life from it; we want to show the enormous potential that non-fungible token technology represents for artists on the continent. It is a real pride to be able to present our project at the AKAA fair and of course we thank our partners for their trust and support ”.

Neuvième Toit and AKAA will organize on Friday 21 October, as part of the AKAA Meetings, a round table in which the artist Willow Evann and Frédéric Jonchet (founding partner of NFT4ALL and associate director of Makom) will speak on the following theme: “Between promises and concrete results: how can African art capitalize on NFT innovation?”

A press conference will also be held on 22 September to present the latest advances on this unprecedented project. Interested journalists can obtain information and register by writing to the following address:

Information on the ninth roof:

Neuvième Toit is a collective of French-speaking creators, active in the fields of painting, music, photography, fashion, design and audiovisual. Based in Paris, it is composed notably of Alexandre Elenga (painter and graphic designer), Lucie Plaettner (stylist), Shayne (rapper), Aksel Gaspard (director) or even Christy Hash (photographer).

About AKAA – Also known as Africa:

AKAA – Also known as Africa is the first African-focused contemporary art and design fair in France. It presents all artists with a link in their practice with the African continent. From a contemporary look to these artistic scenes that go beyond geographical borders. For more information:

About 31 Project:

The 31 PROJECT gallery is dedicated to promoting the African contemporary art scene through multidisciplinary exhibitions by artists from the continent and the diaspora. A look distributed in its Parisian space as well as in fairs in France and abroad.

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