zkBNB – A BNB chain brought to “zero knowledge”

Developments in the blockchain sector are currently concentrated so-called second layer solutions. That is, parallel networks such as the layers 2 of the network Ethereum, but with different versions and names depending on the project in question. Yet the goal always remains the same: to free the main chain (layer 1) from superfluous or sectoral transactions. A style exercise that the BNB chain is currently trying out with the implementation of a “zero knowledge” solution called zkBNB. Explanations …

The BNB chain invariably remains on the podium of the most important networks of the Challenge of TVL, even in this period of decline in the cryptocurrency market. With a total frozen value currently set at $ 5.43 billion, according to data from the DefiLlama website. And a dominance of the decentralized platform Pancake Swap (CAKE) very close to 55% at the time of this writing.

A position acquired largely due to its link, now more distant than direct, with the Binance platform. And one of the main assets of which is the BNB cryptocurrency positioned at the center of this ecosystem. All supported by regular innovations, such as the very recent test of a version zkBNB from 2 September

zkBNB – A BNB chain enhanced with ZK-Rollup

Zero-knowledge technology is currently the focus of all attention. Firstly after the recent launch of level 2 in parallel with the Ethereum network. Because this option is presented by many as the most operational at the moment. Particularly because it would benefit from the same level 1 security on which it is based, offering unparalleled speed and low costs.. Obvious reason why the BNB chain seems to be interested in installing it on its popular network.

innovation (zkBNB) it will have a significant impact on the ability of developers to build large-scale applications based on the BNB chain. With guaranteed security and transaction speed, faster intentions and significantly lower transaction fees. “

BNB chain

In fact, a trial version was released on September 2nd. And his promises leave you speechless, as this would allow for a capacity of 5,000 to 10,000 transactions per second (GST). All thanks to the SNARK option (Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge) which allows you to package a large number of transactions, to finally send only one on the main network of the BNB Chain.

An option that could quickly prove to be very useful for the crypto-gaming (GameFi) industry. Because the latter requires both a very large number of microtransactions and the need for them to be inexpensive. And obviously these are the advantages highlighted by this ongoing experiment. A case to follow.

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