Mass Theft of Desjardins Customer Data | A list of 36,025 lines in the hands of a repeated scammer

Police found a list of Desjardins customers containing 36,025 lines on a computer connected to a repeat scammer, revealing portions of documents so far written about the massive data theft in Desjardins.

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Hugo Joncas

Hugo Joncas
The print

After the media passages, the court agreed to lift a little more the veil on search warrants obtained by the Sûreté du Québec (SQ) during its investigation into the data leak that affected 9.7 million Desjardins customers. The allegations contained in these documents have not yet been tested in court nor have they led to criminal charges.

Juan Pablo Serrano, 36, was visited twice by the SQ as part of the investigation, which has been going on for more than three years. In September 2020, during a search in Mirabel, police found the file on a computer seized inside a vehicle linked to this suspect.

The list that police found contains “36,025 lines of personal information that appear to come from Desjardins and related to credit card customers,” according to the police document.

Some of the names on the list were written in red, or highlighted in yellow, the SQ notes in an affidavit.

The revocation of the drafting of the police statements also reveals that investigators were interested in cryptocurrency wallets when they visited Serrano for the first time, in September 2019.

Online scammers regularly use virtual currencies to carry out illegal transactions, such as buying or selling stolen financial data.

heavy past

The other known suspects in the data theft case are a group of Quebec City brokers who are believed to have acquired the information to facilitate their legal mortgage, private loan and insurance business.

For his part, Serrano has a heavy criminal past: fraud, theft, obstruction of police investigations, credit card crimes … He has also pleaded not guilty to new charges of non-compliance and his trial must take place. . in October.

According to the documents consulted The printthe QS also suspected him in 2019 of traveling with a bodyguard known to be dangerous and armed.

That year, Serrano’s profile on LinkedIn’s professional network indicated that he was “sales director” at Urgence Crédit, mentions the SQ. This company belongs to Mathieu Joncas, one of the capital’s businessmen suspected of getting his hands on the stolen data.


Mathieu Joncas, another suspect in the investigation

Last June, this mortgage broker and private lender was fined $ 36,000 and suspended for 420 days by the Organsme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec (OACIQ). The disciplinary committee found him guilty of purchasing lists of 150,000 to 200,000 Desjardins customers from another suspect in the investigation, without their consent.

In a short interview with The print in January, Serrano refused to elaborate on the work he did for Joncas. “It was very short. Since I had a history of fraud, I didn’t finish my job. ”

In January, Joncas said in an interview that Serrano had never worked for him.

Robust search

Also last January Serrano dwelt on the painful memories of the first search he suffered in this case, in September 2019.

Heavily armed police then raided an apartment building that was renting in Laval to get their hands on the evidence as part of the investigation. “Does the police report say they dislocated my shoulder and threw me to the ground? “, He then asked The print.

The SQ says it decided to give him a “dynamic voice” because it feared it would erase the data “in a very short period of time” thanks to its “computer sophistication”.

Police had discovered “paper to issue checks” in his apartment building, cashier’s checks totaling $ 76,913 and nearly $ 9,000 in bills.

The SQ also got a check to buy $ 4,628 in gold.

In January, he assured Serrano The print that the money seized actually belonged to a friend who was in a condominium at the time of the search.

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