With The Black Station, Puma launches into the metaverse and NFTs

In line with the giant Nike which has already raised 185 million dollars thanks to the sale of NFT, the sports brand Puma is also entering the metaverse and non-fungible token business.

During New York Fashion Week, theThe sports equipment manufacturer has unveiled a metaverse web space dedicated to the Web3 and NFT experience: The black station.

By embarking on the virtual universe of the metaverse, Puma specifically wants to offer exclusive NFTs that can be exchanged for limited edition physical sneakers, the press release indicates.

Once on the site, users who are fans of the brand can log in and choose an interactive digital space between three distinct portals to discover exclusive and unreleased Puma sneakers, including the NITRO NFRNO and NITRO Fastroid sneakers that were unveiled during this New York Fashion Week.

The people who created a NFT Nitropass PUMA can burn it to receive two NFTs, one of which allows claim the physical sneakers once the Futrograde show is over.

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Adam Petrick, PUMA Brand Director, said:

“Twenty years ago, Black Station was PUMA’s home for our most innovative fashion designs.

Given the limits we are pushing from a product design and digital perspective, we saw fit to bring Black Station back as a new portal for digital exploration of fashion, sports performance, our historical classics and innovation. “

Heiko Desens, Puma’s Global Creative Director and Head of Innovation, commented:

“For the digital product design, PUMA encouraged its in-house designers to push the boundaries of creativity to imagine what a 3D digital sneaker might look like.

Our design team took a lot of liberties when designing these shoe designs. We told them the sky was the limit. As a result, we were able to harness their creativity without the limitations and limitations typical of our shoe making process. What is as impressive as the real projects is the fact that we have been able to work with development to bring these amazing projects to life. “

As for his Black Station metaverse space, Puma indicates that he appealed the creative society FTR with whom he built this virtual universe Unreal engine 5 in order to offer advanced graphics to users.

David Stamatis, Executive Creative Director of FTR, clarified:

“We are committed to bringing great creative ideas to life through an immersive experience, technology and community.

This project, and our partner PUMA, gave us the agency and the confidence to push us into the unknown and test how these creative components can be put together to innovate the storytelling around product, fashion and brand. Creating a truly phygital experience has opened our eyes to the immense opportunity for brands in the future. “

Like many other big brands, Puma intends to take advantage of this booming and promising sector to generate substantial new revenues.

It remains to be seen whether Puma will meet the same success as its competitor Nike, who has already taken the lead in the metaverse and NFT universe.

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