Hermès has big plans in the metaverse!

French Hermès enters the metaverse. The luxury brand has solemnly submitted applications to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The projects of the Hermès house are fashion, NFT, crypto oriented. It’s a promise from the NFT collection and augmented reality virtual fashion show.

Hermès comes after Dolce & Gabbana, Tiffany and Gucci. However, thefashion industry web3 is getting a big boost with its arrival. We remember that fashion is a dynamic sector on the web3. The turnover of the major brands invested in NFT currently amounts to several million dollars.

In a few years, these figures will reach billions of US dollars. Hermès’ current decision tends to seek this grandiose economic achievement. At the same time, Hermès sets out to stake the i’s in the Rothschild MetaBirkins deal.

Hermès archives applications with the USPTO

All companies wishing to invest on the web3 must apply to the USPTO. This is the step that will give credibility to the project. It is also a step that helps protect the creators and their works.

Hermes has presented his requests to make his solemn entry into the Metaverse. The files would talk about NFT, cryptocurrency and metaverse.

Hermès plans to make an archiving application available. Cryptoinvestors have this app to protect various digital assets. The storage space will support digital items related to Hermès and fashion. This personal space reserved for fashion victim crypto-investors has a sacred side that should appeal to more than one.

Patent Attorney Mike Kondoudis mentioned these points related to filing Hermes applications: NFT + virtual currency, cryptocurrency + NFT trading, virtual goods market, virtual clothes, shoes and fashion shows.

Hermès sues Mason Rothschild

In January of this year, Hermès sued Manson Rothschild. The latter launched a collection of digital objects labeled MetaBirkins. Hermès Birkins bags would in fact be the source of inspiration for Manson Rothschild in launching his collection. This Rothschild initiative did not please Hermès.

Feeling usurped by Mason Rothschild, Hermès took action to dismantle the MétaBirkins project. A multi-page complaint was written on this case. Rothschild soon realized his mistake.

Hermès has decided to make a name for itself on the web3 to avoid misunderstandings and possible future cases of virtual counterfeiting. The brand has prepared its projects in several months. His proposals for the web3 community seem so far transcendent.

How Yves Saint Laurentand other luxury fashion brands, Hermès has a secure future on the web3.


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