Under Place Vendôme, the ultra-luxury car park

10:00 am, September 11, 2022

Place Vendôme thought it had its share of luxury brands. Underground, has had a new gem for a few months. On the fourth basement level, the Indigo operator car park houses a single garage. To date, 235 cars of the brands Ferrari, Aston Martin, Porsche, Bugatti and some Formula 1 cars are parked. Their owners have signed up for a subscription with the young company The Collection, created by two supercar enthusiasts. It offers them, in the heart of Paris, parking, maintenance and a range of ultra-premium services such as delivery to the place of their choice.

In the garage, the experience imagined by Laurent Buisine, co-founder of The Collection, is halfway between an art gallery and a nightclub. Going through the security door plunges the parking lot into darkness, activates the music of the James Bond credits and a play of lights. Accompany the owner to the location of his supercars. It takes at least two to become a member. Some have a dozen. The XXL-sized car park offers specific lighting for each vehicle, depending on the model and color. Walking down the basement walkways rivals Goodwood or Le Mans. Some vehicles only come out to allow their owner to hear the sound of the engine. ” It causes a physical sensation that is unlike any other emotion. “, Justifies Laurent Buisine, co-founder of The Collection, a young squad who passed from Porsche and Ferrari France.

13,500 euros per year

News of the creation of this unique service, which has been open since January, quickly spread among collectors. The 306 spaces in the Vendôme car park will soon be occupied. For 13,500 euros per year, the collector has access to his vehicle whenever he wishes. He can also meet other members at events organized by The Collection. ” We are not just another Ferrari or Aston Martin fan club. “, Defends Laurent Buisine. Rather, the entrepreneur describes a very exclusive club that joins that of several luxury brands. Some in watchmaking, spirits, the nearby Ritz, have already collaborated during specific evenings or events, sometimes organized within the garage itself between a DB4, a Chiron or a LaFerrari.

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The next event signed by The Collection is scheduled for September 21st. Laurent Buisine is in talks with the parking operators to distribute his offer in other capitals and cities where the owners have their habits. In addition, he is in the process of completing a second fundraiser to finance the growth of the start-up.

One foot in the metaverse

But, like most luxury brands, The Collection has decided to step into the metaverse. He plans to move the extraordinary garage from physical reality to the virtual universe. Called The Collection World, this new 3.0 club will be accessible to NFT holders. The first will go on sale on 21 September, at the price of ether, a cryptocurrency that is now trading around 1600 euros. These thousand rare cards, imagined by the artist Orlinski, will allow fans to collect virtual supercars and enter the digital world that will develop The Collection World. Its founders are betting that speculation on ultra-luxury car brands will reach NFT cards. ” Our clients are often bright and curious businessmen who already have projects in the metaverse, particularly in the real estate sector. “Explains Laurent Buisine. For him, the world of supercars is ready for the metaverse: ” our web 3.0 project will also make us known internationally “.

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