A new token challenges the bear market

On August 31, 2022, Seedify, one of the biggest stepping stones in the cryptocurrency industry, launched $ SNFTS, Seedify’s NFT market token.

The story of Seedify

Seedify is one of the leading launchpads and incubators in the cryptocurrency industry. They enable innovators and project developers to access funding, create communities and partnerships, and build a comprehensive support network to help deliver first-order blockchain games, NFTs, and metaverses to its community through events called IGOs ​​(Initial game offer) and INO (Initial NFT offer). These events attract cryptocurrency investors due to the high ROI potential these tokens and NFTs promise.

Seedify has launched over 50 IGO projects with proven success and has now joined the NFT space with a launchpad and NFT market that will bring new investment opportunities to its community. Additionally, Seedify will focus on two verticals, blockchain gaming and metaverse, each with utility-based NFTs, which are critical to sustainability and growth.

The initial listing of $ SFUND, Seedify’s native token, turned out to be the best performing free token distribution of 2021 during the bull run. These initial launches generated, on average, a gain of $ 18,000 in value and a market cap of $ 350 million at an all-time market high of 2021.

Once again, despite the current downtrend, Seedify successfully launched its $ SNFTS token via airdrop on August 31, 2022. The results of the airdrop are as follows:

  • At the time of writing, $ SNFTS is over 30 times its starting price.
  • Over $ 6.5 million in cash locked on the $ SFUND / $ SNFTS pair on Pancakeswap.
  • Over 1000 holders have chosen to farm or stake their $ SNFTS, earning passive income. Most of them chose the 180-day staking pool, demonstrating their confidence in the long-term performance of the token.
  • The market cap of $ SFUND exceeds $ 90 million, which is 10 times larger than the closest game launch pad.

Possibility of stakeout and breeding:

By cultivating agricultural rewards and high liquidity on the $ SFUND – $ SNFTS pairs, Seedify’s goal is to achieve higher volumes for both currencies, anchor in the ecosystem, unlock shared utilities, and ensure mutual growth between tokens.

The $ SNFTS staking and farming pools were made available immediately after the airdrop. Once the holder has claimed his $ SNFTS, he can stake and farm and immediately start earning passive income. The staking pools are as follows:

  • 14 days – 7% APY
  • 30 days – 10% APY
  • 60 days – 20% APY
  • 90 days – 30% APY
  • 180 days – 40% APY

Holders are also entitled to other $ SNFTS perks, such as reduced commissions and random NFT drops for those trading on Seedify’s future NFT market.

They will also be eligible for whitelisted spots in Seedify’s upcoming NFT Avatar Exclusive Collection, which was announced recently.

$ SNFTS Tokenomics:

  • Total supply: 20 billion
  • Initial Market Cap: 446,000
  • SNFTS List Price: $ 0.0004 BUSD
  • Circulating supply: 1.166 billion
  • Network: BSC
  • Exchange: Pancake Swap
  • Acquisition plan (for the airdrop): 25% at the TGE and 25% every month for three months

Seedify will continue to push boundaries and expand its ecosystem to ensure it presents its community and owners with the best quality projects with the greatest chance of return. In order not to miss any news from Seedify, follow them on their website, Twitter and Telegram.

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