Buenos Aires – Will blockchain be used for social welfare payments soon?

Buenos Aires could modernize the payment of social benefits to its residents thanks to blockchain technology. While this initiative once again demonstrates the city’s interest in new technologies, it also tends to demonstrate it many use cases are possible, including for public authorities.

Buenos Aires, Argentina’s largest cosmopolitan metropolis, is now known for being crypto-friendly. And for good reason. Recent laws legalized the payment of taxes in cryptocurrencies (effective in 2023) and other favorable measures have been taken since then. For example, the city plans to deploy validation nodes on the Ethereum network in the next year.


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Hugh B. – August 16, 2022 – 10:30 am

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As for the bill, it is carried out by Dario Nezio, one of the local legislators. The latter is convinced of these advances and it is not the first time that he has made it known. In fact, he recently filed a bill using blockchain as part of a public procurement and contract control system. This time, he proposes to implement a similar systembut for the payment of social assistance.

Buenos Aires – The blockchain to fight intermediaries

This would allow fight against intermediaries who use social campaigns to make money. On this point, he explains that local social assistance programs are frequently used by different intermediaries with the aim of “Forcing beneficiaries to participate in political activities.

“The management of social plans has become a huge device used to make politics, with which the leaders of social movements extort people with abusive practices, such as asking for the return of money, a percentage of the plan, going to parades and blocking the streets . “

Public statement by Dario Nieto, senator.

And according to his idea, the blockchain could actually reduce, or even eliminate, this phenomenon altogether. How ? It is quite logical: the blockchain provides guarantees on the traceability of transactions. Consequently, it would allow here to create a whole new management system where every social assistance payment would be traceable. There is no more way to cheat.

“With the Blockchain, the money leaves the Ministry of Social Development to go directly to the beneficiary, without asking for voluntary contributions, without favors such as attendance checks at pickets or marches. “

Public statement by Dario Nieto, senator.


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Regardless of whether this design is adopted or not, it shows that the blockchain can be used for strengthen and increase transparency. And in many areas.

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