NFT Wincity: 3.0 real estate income just a click away

In terms of investment, stone is often presented as the ultimate asset. To convince yourself of this, all you need to do is discuss it with those around you. Properties only increase in value in the long term, and you can also be compensated for in the short term with rentals if you wish. Wincity brings together the blockchain and real estate sectors. From our previous presentation, the company continued to build its offering. An owner tour was essential.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with Wincity.

Divide the real estate investment

Very often, when you decide to become an owner, you meet a lot of them barriers. In fact, to do things right, you need:

  • Knowledge of the market you are investing in
  • Of a large capital, or guarantees that allow you to take out a loan
  • Time to find the rare pearl, buy it and rent it (legal deadlines, work, etc.)

To break down these barriers and allow all interested parties to invest, wincity he found the legal way (the legislation is very demanding on this matter) to do so divide the investment in the form of NFT. The money raised during the sale of each collection thus allows to raise funds for Wincity for the purchase of the property. Holders of the NFTs associated with the asset then receive a monthly passive income (in Ethers), on the following model:

  • The monthly rental income: the WinCash
  • The capital gain of the property, estimated annually: Win Added value
  • The capitalization resulting from the banking leverage effect inherent in the repayment of the real estate loan. It is not paid, but is added monthly to the value of the card: the Win Capital

On the occasion of the public sales announced on its website, Wincity allows you to buy these NFTs in Ethereums, but also in Euros with a credit card. Once you have your non-fungible token, you start receiving your monthly rewards automatically, in your wallet.

Real estate, France’s favorite investment

A setback in Lille managed by a master

After his first successful operation in Paris (which we will talk about in this article), Wincity has launched a second collection of NFTs. The goal was to acquire commercial premises in Lille. The fundraising, through the sale of the NFT collection, went well. Investors therefore had legitimate expectations after the success of the first operation.

Unfortunately, the occupant of the property that Wincity wanted to acquire has decided to exercise his right of first refusal. In French law, a tenant has priority if the property he occupies is put up for sale. Therefore, if it makes an offer at the price asked by its owner, it cannot be rejected. Wincity simply could not do anything, despite the fundraising already done.

A scenario that, if not very comfortable, had been anticipated. Wincity therefore reacted perfectly by offering three choices to its investors :

  • Get a full refund of your investment;
  • Wait for the 4-month period of the right of first refusal, hoping that the sale will not be made to the tenant;
  • Use the funds for a future acquisition

These have opted for a full refund, which was then made in euros. A guarantee of seriousness that contrasts with certain projects.

Decentralized government

The new story cards represent the bond between Wincity and the community. These 3333 NFTs in the image of great French monuments are the equivalent of a “Genesis” collection. These do not directly generate income because they are not supported by a rental property, but grant privileges related to future operationsamong which :

  • to be priority on upcoming NFT sales relating to the purchase and leasing of real estate
  • participate in the project management (choice of properties in which to invest, city, etc.)
  • free access to physical encounters with other investors and the Wincity team
  • play preview on Beta of the game Wincitya card game that will allow you to earn ETH

Gamification is the future of Wincity

Because if the future of Wincity passes through the possibilities of blockchain technology, the project does not intend to stop there. In fact, the team developed a game whose beta will be released at the end of September, on the Ethereum blockchain. The goal is to continue to establish itself as a protagonist in real estate AND on the web3.

Play the Wincity game with your NFTs and get paid in ethereum tokens
For those who do not want to be “lost in the Metaverse”

For take part in the adventure, you will have to acquire at least one Story card. Once in the game, you can place your building on a board. Subsequently, depending on the characteristics of your building, it will attract more or less pedestrians (non-playable characters), making you earn “win.coins”. Once the box is full, you will need to log into the game to collect your win.coins.

These tokens will allow you to upgrade your buildings, attracting more visitors, and generating more revenue. A virtuous circle for you in a way. In fact, you will earn more and more coins, which will be usable in the evolution of the game to earn Ethers. All the details have not yet been disclosed, among other things on the exact launch. I therefore invite you to follow Wincity on their social networks so as not to miss any news. You will also find the game’s detailed white paper at this link.

Do you want to invest? Parisian NFTs are still available

If after reading these lines, you want to invest in a property managed by Wincity to generate approx 8% yield annual (excluding the capital gain of the property), be aware that the papers for Chaumière Grand Paris are available again on the Wincity market.

Up to 8% return with this property in Paris, this is what Wincity offers with its NFTs
Enjoy the performance of a commercial space in Paris

Indeed, in order to quickly finance the purchase of this property and to sign the sale agreement, the shareholders of Wincity have granted a loan to the platform. Wincity therefore has a number of NFT “Chaumière Grand Paris”. They are regularly put up for sale in order to satisfy investors who wish to join the project. The property is therefore now leased (it houses a very nice restaurant), and as described above, the acquisition of a card will allow you to receive part of the rents.

NFT industry regulars will recognize the principle. There are different levels of cards that have specific characteristics. 1000 regular, 100 rare, 10 mythic, 1 unique. Obviously, the higher the rarity of your NFT, the greater the reward you will receive.

From the start of the project, Wincity team has been identified. This approach speaks volumes about their professionalism and their concern for clarity. It is with this in mind that on September 15th, if you are an NFT history holder, you can even meet them in person at an event organized in collaboration with Brik, one of the major real estate players in France. The evening will be held in their new headquarters in Lille. The theme of the event will be the launch of the movement “Real Estate 3.0“. As an investor, if you are around, a visit is essential, right?

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