rNFT, the Lyon startup specialized in the materialization of NFT

The benefits of NFTs are many: easy to trade, they are available for sale to anyone in the world with an internet connection. You can expose them in the metaverse and make them accessible to everyone. We are confident of their authenticity and traceability. Finally them empower artists.

Except some still prefer physical work. They want to be able to touch their property. So we can have the best of both physical graphics and virtual NFT worlds (The best of both worlds ? It was just to put the song in your head).

This is what it allows rNFT. The small (for now) French company uses NFT rights to allow physical reproduction of any digital work. Each physical reproduction is associated with a certificate of authenticity, also recorded on the blockchain in order to secure transactions and have a history of each reproduction created.

Furthermore, you can buy your NFT directly on traditional marketplaces thanks to an API (Application Programming Interface) created by the startup, to keep it in its physical version. From each sale, royalties are donated to the artist who created the NFT, but also to its owner and the NFT market.

Artists or art lovers? This is probably the time to start. The company is launching its fundraising campaign this month. Its co-founder and CEO Guillaume Touzot said, “NFTs have revolutionized the business model for artists, so we want to continue these efforts by allowing traditional art enthusiasts to own these digital works in a physical way. We want to bridge the gap between the world of digital art and that of traditional art by implementing a circular economy. Together, let’s give art an advantage! ”

A counter-current NFT innovation

Another counter-current innovation: While NFTs are generally for sale in cryptocurrencies, rNFT even offers you an affront to the industry. In fact, while many companies offer their customers cryptocurrency payments, you will be able to purchase your digital artwork in government currency on their site, in addition to the crypto option.

Of course, during a bear market, some people don’t want to use their expensive cryptocurrencies when they have fallen drastically recently. Their goal, one can imagine, is to “hold” until the market goes up. Additionally, other art lovers can potentially be interested in NFTs without having a wallet. They can therefore all pay in euros.

Cryptographic coexistence

While the term “cryptocurrency adoption” is often used to refer to the mass adoption by the public of crypto and blockchain technology, in this case, would this be a step towards crypto coexistence? And this, with the traditional financial system?


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