Sébastien Borget, the journey of a visionary of the game

Like many teenagers, Sébastien Borget fell in love with the world of video games very early and grew up in the 1990s with the worlds of Tomb Raider and Super Mario. Graduated in Telecom SudParis (after in particular a year of exchange at the Chinese University of Hong Kong), he immediately launched into entrepreneurship with his friend and partner Arthur David, concatenating creations and resales of boxes. “In 2008, I joined Arthur on an adventure that evolved into the world of peer-to-peer technologies. We sold it to launch Wixi, a photo, video and music cloud storage service that we also sold two years later.. In 2011 they jointly launched the video game on smartphones Pixowlsold seven years after its launch at Animoca Brands. “Creating your own video game was an inaccessible myth at the time, but which is once again accessible thanks to smartphones” remembers Sébastien Borget.

The sandbox adventure

Established in 2011, The sandbox is in its infancy a 2D online video game that allows the creation of cards of the type pixel art, “with this idea we wanted to allow anyone to become a creator and to make creation and sharing accessible thanks to new technologies” specifies this game pioneer. A great success with over 4 million downloads in 8 years and 70 million creations made by users. But also a frustration: that of seeing the creators leave the platform, why “We did not have the technical means to share part of the revenues from the content created, in particular due to the rules of the Google Play and Apple Store systems”. It is by discovering the blockchain used in the game Crypto kittens that the two partners are testing this technology where creators can then monetize their content.

In late 2017, they launched a new version of The Sandbox – a cross-platform 3D game that uses NFT. And whose economic model is based on the purchase of land. “There are 166,464 and not one more. We sold 70% of the land to 22,000 players. The rest will allow us to finance ourselves for another year, then we will receive a 5% commission on transactions “ explains Sébastien Borget.

An open and monetizable metaverse

Virtual experiences without needing to know how to program? For this gamer who wants to create games, a simple and accessible creation, The Sandbox provides the application Vox Edit to create objects and Game creator to create games. On the other hand, “It’s a virtual metaverse game world open space where creators hold their own map, land and currency. They are sovereign and their NFTs can be used externally “ sums up Sébastien Borget showing his difference from the metaverses of Facebook, Microsoft or Roblox.

Because in The Sandbox, creators can feel the value of their creations without being bound by the platform. ” NFTs herald the advent of a new digital economy because these assets improve the gaming experience while being able to be sold externally “ affects those who say thus contributing to the birth of the ” play to earn “.

Sandbox Alpha Season 3: an experience enriched by brands

August 24, 2022 marks the launch of Season 3 of Alpha with 98 experiences of which 22 brands (bringing the total number of brands on The Sandbox to 400) from different origins: music (Snoop Dogg), luxury, fashion (Gucci, Adidas ), entertainment (Warner Music) … “It’s a great showcase of what brands can offer in terms of immersive experiences. Players can reinvent themselves by creating an avatar and plunge into a Web3 ecosystem where music, art, architecture, games and fashion come together to herald the future of entertainment ”..

A future where user creativity is the cornerstone. “My desire is that users can in turn create their own games and experiences, enrich them, resell them, recreate others and so on”. While Alpha Season 2 has already attracted 350,000 players, the two partners are expecting 500,000 to 1 million users within two months.

And the metaverse crisis?

“The world is heading towards a record inflation rate and all tech stocks are suffering, losing up to 90% of their value. This also applies to cryptocurrencies and tokens, however, our currency, the SAND, which is part of the Top 40 Tokens on CoinMarketCap, has maintained its position as one of the first tokens within the Metaverse tokens “ ensures Sébastien Borget, whose portfolio of 4 million users continues to grow.

For him the crisis is cyclical but the blockchain market is fine. Furthermore, according to the Blockchain gaming report from the 3rd quarter of 2021 from DappRadar, this market grew 509% over the previous year, nearly half of which was captured by video games using NFT.

What to see the future with optimism for the co-founder of The Sandbox, also president of Blockchain Game Alliance which brings together 4,000 members of the sector (platforms, studios, marketplaces, etc.) and whose goal is to highlight the uses of the blockchain within video games.

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