the VR helmet is revealed on video

A month before its official presentation, the Meta Quest Pro is revealed in a video and images. The opportunity to get a small preview of what the popular virtual reality headset has in store for social interactions in the metaverse.

The appearance of Meta Quest Pro has been carefully kept secret by Meta. Well, not so accurately since a prototype was forgotten in a hotel room. So says Ramiro Cardenas on Twitter, that he was able to take – blurry – photos and a video of the future virtual reality headset. Although there are fears that it is a fake, the box is similar to that of the previous model and looks official. The headset and controllers also resemble those of the Meta Quest 2, but the design has been reworked to provide a finer finish. The black shifters don’t appear to feature the hollow ring of its predecessor. The lenses on the front of the device have also been reduced.

Meta Quest Pro: out in October 2022

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed in Joe Rogan’s podcast that Meta’s next virtual reality headsetYour group will arrive in October. It will likely be unveiled during the Connect conference, where the group will present its new products in VR and AR. “For the next device coming out in October, there are some great features”he said at the start of the podcast. He also referred to the presence of the news social functions of the high-end model, which will be enabled by eye and face tracking. The goal is to give his avatar more expressiveness, so that users can effectively discuss face to face. “Follow your face so that your avatar is not just this motionless thing, but if you’re smiling or frowning or pouting or whatever your expression is. ”

2023 promises to be the year of virtual reality (VR for Virtual reality in English) and augmented reality (AR for Augmented reality in English). These two technologies will be at the heart of the metaverse – or metaverse -, the famous entirely virtual universe prepared by Meta and countless “trendy” companies, at the center of every fantasy and desire. Several digital giants are also working hard on the subject, starting with Apple, which should soon release a revolutionary headset, heralded – and hoped – as innovative as the iPhone in its day. Sony is also on the move, with its PS VR2, aimed primarily at gamers, but not only. In anticipation of these future champions, Meta is taking the field with its famous Quest headsets, previously sold under the Oculus brand. And Mark Zuckerberg’s group has no plans to leave the field open to declared competitors. As told in Bloomberg Mark Gurman, the journalist known for his rumors about Apple, Meta has in its boxes a new high-end model that should be released at the end of the year, the Quest Pro.

Meta Quest Pro: the most real virtuality

Known by the codename Project Cambria, Meta Quest Pro will immediately aim for the high end. Equipped with new ultra-high-definition cameras, a much more powerful chip, screens that provide better rendering and greater storage capacity than the Quest 2 released in late 2020, it would be much more efficient, especially ensuring more precise eye tracking. If Mark Gurman does not provide precise details in his article, we know that Meta has great ambitions for Quest Pro. Mark Zuckerberg had already announced during the presentation of his company’s financial results, in April 2022, that this helmet will rather be aimed at professionals and which could replace a laptop or work environment. The company had already presented Infinite Office, a series of functions implemented on Meta Quest 2 to allow the user to evolve into a “real” office in virtual and / or augmented reality.

There is no doubt that the Quest Pro will be a key element in the development of its famous metaverse, if only as a technological showcase. Because according to Bloomberg forecasts, this new helmet will not be affordable for everyone. In addition, the Meta Quest 2, usually sold around 350 euros, will see its price increase by 100 euros! It goes to € 449 in 128 GB and € 549 in 256 GB! The Meta Quest Pro could therefore reach or even exceed the symbolic bar of 1,000 euros. A “premium” price, up to Meta’s ambitions, but which shouldn’t be far from the price of Apple’s future headphones …

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