“You don’t shoot 24 teeth at 18”: the verdict fell for the “horror dentist”

Ten years of suffering, with torn and mutilated teeth. At the trial of the Marseille dentist Lionel Guedj, the tongues loosened. He has just been sentenced to 8 years in prison.

Sarah * was only 18 years old when, on a beautiful day in 2006, she crossed the threshold of the brand new studio, located in avenue Saint-Antoine, at 15And district of Marseille. The young woman, at the request of her parents, makes an appointment to treat caries and treat an enamel problem, because she does not consume not enough dairy products. ”To Dr. Lionel Guedj, popular clientele (99% third-party payment and half of whom receive Universal Medical Coverage, CMU) is well received.

The dentist is “smiling, kind, familiar, taps on the shoulder”. The appointments follow one another. Ten to fifteen minutes is enough. Above all, he promises “a star smile” that ends up deceiving patients. “Lionel Guedj advised me to remove all my teeth. He said I would have a beautiful smile, that I would no longer have any problems with my teeth. I trusted him. I realized too late that 24 teeth don’t have to be removed at 18, “complains Sarah, now 34.

“My teeth are falling out, I have bad smells in my mouth. We can no longer smile, we spit while we speak, we eat with difficulty”

“It all happened in two or three months and, once again, I skipped the sessions because I was in too much pain,” says the complainant who, a beneficiary of the CMU but, without an insurance loan, had to pay “€ 1,000 in cash” to the dentist. The operation, done immediately badly, causes repeated infections on twenty teeth, with necrotic gums 24 hours a day. “My teeth are falling out, I have bad smells in my mouth. We can no longer smile, we spit while we speak, we eat with difficulty. , we are ashamed, we withdraw from society. We want to do everything small, for he put himself in a hole. We don’t go out anymore, not even to go to work. We no longer have a love life. He has ruined my youth, my present and my future.

120 patients, victims of dental mutilation, testified to the same abuses: “We are toothless. We were stole our smileour personality “. Many appreciated wearing the mask and no longer having to “put your hand in front of your mouth before speaking”. The cost to remake the teeth is pharaonic, several tens of thousands of euros. And again it is necessary to find a dentist who agrees to get behind the “butcher”, because “Guedj’s smile” is infamous in the region. For the victims it is very clear: Lionel Guedj mutilated them for the money.

In six years he has accumulated a real estate assets of 9.5 million: building, apartments, chalets, as well as a yacht and luxury cars

The Guedj system is well established and pays off big, very, very much. The dentist billed twenty-eight times more crowns than his colleagues’ average, according to a health insurance tally. The failed treatments were performed ten to twelve times faster than an average practitioner. From March 2008 to April 2010 Lionel Guedj fitted 4,133 prostheses for 927 patients. To achieve these results in normal business, he would have to work 52 hours a day. As a result, in 2010, Lionel Guedj tops the list of the richest dentists in France, with a turnover of 2.6 million euros.

Surprised by the figures, the CPAM thinks a fraud is taking place. He will launch an investigation that will uncover the case. “What pushed the preprogrammed Guedj grinding machine so much to such a Machiavellian level? Money, optimal profit,” says Marion Chabot, public prosecutor of the Republic of Marseille. Money is Lionel Guedj’s fuel. At no time did we seek treatment. The timeliness and quality of care were not sought. “Between 2006 and 2012, the dentist built a real estate portfolio of 9.5 million euros thanks to bank loans: condominium, apartments in La Rochelle and Paris, a chalet in Megève, but also a 15-meter yacht, luxury cars, such as a Porsche Cayenne and an Aston Martin, paintings by great masters.

The sentences were met with applause

Removed from the Order of Dentists in September 2016 as his father (who worked two days a week in the office where he ended up collaborating with his son), he has since converted to the tobacconist in Aix-en-Provence … was sentenced, in February 2021, to six months with suspension of the sentence and a fine of 10,000 euros for “marketing of manufactured tobaccos without prior identification”, reports the president of the jury, Céline Ballerini. On Thursday 8 September, the Marseille Criminal Court sentenced Lionel Guedj to eight years in prison and his father, Carnot, to five years in prison. An immediate postponement warrant was decided by the court given the “gravity” of the acts, in the words of Céline Ballérini. A decision met with applause. The condemned remained impassive.

In the face of all the testimonies, the public ministry said it saw the accused “cold, inaccessible, free from any remorse”, and of not having been able “to perceive a sincere empathy”: “Until the last memoirs of the civil parties, they will never stop raising their eyes to the sky”, underlined in his indictment the prosecutor Michel Sastre. He also denounced the “insolence” of the defendants who continued, during the hearings, to “minimize their responsibility and the extent of the disaster”.

* The name has been changed

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