“Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t”: Ubisoft calms its enthusiasm for NFTs

In a speech that sounds like a huge backlash, Ubisoft’s CEO made it clear that the NFTs launched by the company would ultimately only be meant for research purposes. A nice pirouette when you remember the scream caused.

Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, spoke again about NFT in less enthusiastic terms than last time. It must be said that this is a controversial market, on which his company launched at the end of last year with great clamor, even internally where the initiative had been judged disastrous.

In an interview with GamesIndustry on September 10 he explained that the famous “Quartz” attached to video games Ghost Recon breaking point, would have been developed only to explore the evolution possibilities of the video game. ” Exploring does not mean throwing “, he says. “ We weren’t very good at how we explained we were doing research (…) We should have said that we were working on the subject and that when we have something that will bring you a real advantage, we will bring it to you.

It must be said that at the time, however, it was really possible to buy Ubisoft’s “Quartz” (NFT) with cryptocurrency. What did the initial press release, dated December 7, 2021, say? that Ubisoft launched ” the first eco-responsible NFT platform playable in triple A games “. It was both a new experiment ” And ” the first step (…) for the development of a true metaverse “.

Nicolas Pouard, vice president of the Strategic Innovations Lab department, had even assured, not without a hint of condescension, that the players simply did not understand what NFTs were and their potential: ” I think gamers still haven’t figured out what such a market can bring them. At the moment, due to the context surrounding NFTs, players think first of all that they are destroying the environment, since they are just for speculation. But, inside Ubisoft, we see much further. “Words that already seem very distant …

The first NFTs of the video game Ghost Recon Breakpoint // Source: Screenshot

Ubisoft regrets NFTs

Yves Guillemot justifies the gesture with Ubisoft’s ability to get started very quickly with new technologies: a sometimes laudable intention, it’s true. ” We got into VR and Wii very early on. [motion gaming] – we always try new things. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not (…). A company’s goal is always to create the best possible experience and new technologies help because there is less competition and people are more interested “, he says. Ubisoft was therefore afraid of losing the bandwagon, but in fact helped reinforce the craze for a highly controversial product.

Beyond the ecological argument, on which Ubisoft wanted to be as reassuring as possible with the eco-responsible Tezos blockchain (2.5g of Co² per transaction), its Quartz he had never been convinced of the real advantage for the players.

Officially, the CEO does not totally bury the NFTs: ” It is a rapidly evolving industry and is very cautious about its impacts. Like many things, in its early stages, it is imperfect, but like other technologies, they will manage to find the right path. ” Keep on.

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