The French metaverse that wants to change the game opens its doors: discover AlphaVerse!

Crypto Blockchain Industries is a French company listed on Euronext that develops and invests in technology projects, mainly in the field of the Web3. IPO in November 2021, CBI managed to carve out a place in the Web3 ecosystem thanks to the strategic choices of its executive composed of veterans of the video game and investment sector.

Le Journal du Coin offers you this promotional article in collaboration with AlphaVerse.

The AlphaVerse, a metaverse to unite them all

The AlfaVersowhich takes its name from the Greek Alpha ” a “, It wants to be a metaverse that brings together many universes within it. Through AlphaVerse CBI shows a dual purpose: to become THE entry point to all metaverses and create a world-class game and metaverse publisher.

The AlphaVerse Hub: a single point of access to a multitude of metaverses

The AlphaVerse Hub aims to be the gateway to all metaverses. Within the AlphaVerse there will therefore be three types of universes:

  • Internally developed universes. Here, CBI provides conception, communication and development.
  • Universes developed in collaboration. In this case, CBI takes care of development through its studies. On the other hand, the marketing operations as well as the revenues are subject to a distribution between CBI and the partner in question.
  • Third universes. Third party universes are those that are not managed by CBI but wish to connect to the AlphaVerse Hub to benefit from user streaming between the various AlphaVerse affiliated metaverses.

Create a world famous game and metaverse editor

CBI, through its AlphaVerse multiverse, therefore develops a multitude of universes. For this CBI relies on various development studies in Europe, in Asia And in the Americas.

CBI intends to position itself as a blockchain game publisher and more broadly a blockchain entertainment company, as the developing universes go far beyond the concept of video games and include social, artistic and community considerations.

These two ambitions of the French company come together to define the mission it has set itself: bringing industry to the metaverse and play to earn at his next step infusing its experience and ambitions in the industry to emphasize quality and accessibility in order to promote the adoption and democratization of blockchain-based universes and games.

The universes under development within AlphaVerse

In AlphaVerse, the user can access multiple metaverses from a single location – the Hub.

  • MetaCoaster : A blockchain fun fair simulation game with a strong dimension play to earn. Users will be able to play alone to unlock NFT or play in mass multiplayer and play-to-earn modes
  • United at home / Beat AlphaVerse : a universe dedicated to electronic music and philanthropy developed for and with the famous DJ and music producer David Guetta, in particular to implement his charity program “United at home” in the metaverse.
  • HorYou AlphaVerse : a metaverse dedicated to social good, sustainability and the fight against climate change. Built in collaboration with the Horyou social network and the Horyou Foundation.
  • Qtopia : a social metaverse for LGBTQ community and its allies. In Qtopia, users can participate in activities, events and mini-games, all with a beneficial dimension.
  • Artec : nostalgics of digital works of the 90s will find their place in Artech. Artech is a metaverse entirely dedicated to digital art and artists. Artech is centered around the NFT Raverse collection which digitized the sounds and videos of the 90s raves.
  • About Modu AlphaVerse : this metaverse offers a space dedicated to the life and work of Chi Modu, a legendary photographer, where emerging artists can find inspiration and resources to pursue their dream by giving back to the community.
  • xave world : Xave immerses the user in an ever-expanding and evolving open world, where music fans will discover a new world filled with music, shows, festivals and events.

The Hub, the heart of AlphaVerse

The AlphaVerse Hub aims to be a community space that promotes exchange and discovery. For this reason, the Hub is organized into Districts, each linked to a main theme. We find for example theInnovation zone or even the FashionAvenue and theEntertainment district. Within each district you will find buildings related to the sub-themes of the Districts.

Each district has at least one arena. For example, in the Innovation Zone district is the Blockchain Arenaready to welcome projects related to blockchain technologies.

>> The whitelist for the test phase has arrived! <

Arenas are at the heart of the AlphaVerse community’s ambitions. Within each of them there are shops and Community houses. Stores, as the name suggests, are commercial premises where users will be able to sell both physical and digital goods using the incoming market.

Community Houses are places owned by users or companies and dedicated to a specific theme. Below you can see a Community House created by AlphaVerse for a young designer. Inside each Community House there are screens on which the owner can view the content, image or video of his choice.

A Community House on Fashion Avenue

The private alpha phase of the AlphaVerse hub

From the September 20, the AlphaVerse Hub that will welcome its first visitors. During this first phase of public testing, CBI intends to invite a few hundred randomly selected users from the community.

To participate in this private Alpha phase, all you need to do is go to the AlphaVerse home page and fill out the form there. Then, the CBI team will draw the lucky winners who will have exclusive access to the AlphaVerse Hub. If you play games play to earn and the currently operating metaverses have graphics and art direction that leave something to be desired, AlphaVerse takes the opposite of its peers and offers an experience with iridescent colors inspired by the architectural style “Solar punk”.

Aerial view of the AlphaVerse Hub

>> Register today to test AlphaVerse <

Due to this bias that emphasizes creating a sophisticated universe with chiseled graphics, entry into AlphaVerse currently requires some hardware configuration. First, AlphaVerse will only be accessible to running machines windows during its initial phase. Subsequently, the machines in operation Mac OS and go linux they will also be welcome.

Recommended hardware configuration:

  • Processor: Intel® Core i7–4770 / AMD ™ FX 8310
  • Graphics: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 960 / AMD ™ Radeon ™ R9 280
  • RAM: 8 GB

Having a lower than recommended configuration does not mean that you cannot be selected for Alpha, nor that you will not be able to start the program. You can apply until 19 September. During the registration period, the users included in the whitelist will be progressively contacted by e-mail to receive the download link to access the AlphaVerse!

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