The pigeon droppings scam is back! What do you need to know.

The pigeon droppings scam is all the rage right now. It’s about a flight method particularly in the elderly. To find out more, we invite you to read this article to the end.

The pigeon droppings scam

Scammers are ready to do anything to steal your money. Their imaginations obviously have no limits. They have been using it lately pigeon droppings to deceive their victims. In fact, an 84-year-old woman was the victim of this new scam.

The story took place at the beginning of September. This eighty year old was walking in the Drôme when she was scammed. First she noticed something that looked like pigeon droppings on her shoulder.

In fact, it was a thief who sprayed her with this substance. He then pretends to be a good person by offering to help the old lady. It was then that he intervened. results, the eighty-year-old lost a necklace worth 4,000 euros!

The latter did not realize the scam until a few minutes later. This is by no means the first time this kind of thing has happened. In the Hérault, Ain and Oise, several people have already been victims.

Most of them are over 80 years old. The police services then invite the inhabitants of each department to be careful.

Lidl’s fake email, another technique

The modus operandi of scammers evolves over time and they are active both on our streets and on the Internet. Lidl’s fake email is one of these techniques. It was the Numerama media that raised the alarm on November 15, 2021.

The scammers send an email to their victim pretending to be Lidl. In the message they state it the recipient has received an offer exclusive that would allow him to win prizes. It can be, for example, a high-end smartphone.

They then invite the person to complete a questionnaire by clicking on a link in the email. Only this link has nothing to do with the brand. In fact, it will allow access to the recipient’s personal data. This scam allows them to get the nameaddress and telephone number of the victim.

They can also get the person’s banking information. If you receive this type of email, you should therefore be very careful as it could be a scam. It could drain your bank account.

Celebrity Fan Scams

Incredible as it may seem, scammers pretend to be celebrities to get what they want. At the end of 2021, Le Progrès shared the story of a woman scammed in this way.

internet scam

This resident of Saône-et-Loire therefore decided to turn to the real Michel Sardou. To deceive her, the counterfeiters used the singer’s personal information, including their identity documents. They also sent her selfies and photos of the artist’s place of residence.

The victim thought she was in love with the musician. She sent him € 5,000 without knowing it was a scam. It was only shortly after that he found out and filed a complaint against his scammers.

Three years earlier, another woman had also been a victim of the same scam. This time, the counterfeiters used Amir’s identity to achieve their ends. In addition to receiving 6,000 euros from the singer’s fanthey even had pictures of her naked.

They used these images to blackmail the resident of Eure. A young Alizée fan also experienced the same story. He thought he was having an affair with the singer, but it was a big scam.

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The scammers stole more than 15,000 euros from him via bank transfers and purchases with prepaid card. So, if a celebrity contacts you on social media, always be careful as it could be a scam.

Even if the information it provides seems consistent, it is always best to be careful to avoid the worst and suffer a scam.

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