India has arrested a network of cybercriminals affiliated with the Chinese government

A few days ago the Indian authorities formalized the arrest of a network of Chinese cybercriminals in Gurugram, in the state of Haryana, in northern India. These cyber criminals are accused of stealing $ 529 million to Indian citizens.

Four Indian cybercriminals with links to China arrested

According to the report by the Indian police of Uttar Pradesh, four Indian citizens extorted money in exchange for a false promise on small loans. The suspects, presumably in connection with the Chinese government, they have also set up call centers to prosecute their criminal activities and target people with little financial or digital knowledge. The suspects have been arrested and are currently in custody.

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They are accused of having been in contact with the Chinese authorities through an instant messaging application called ” Husi “, According to the Indian Ministry of General Affairs. According to the police, the suspects he held fictitious positions in non-existent companiescreated in India on behalf of their Chinese counterparts, who were the real decision makers and operators of this cyber-operation.

Indian police warn citizens

The ministry clarifies that the police arrested an Indian resident at the center of the device called ” Dorset while trying to escape from India. We read in the report that “sOn paper, Dortse was on the board of Jillian India. A fictitious company. It clearly emerged as the mastermind of this operation “Cybercriminals created fake websites and apps to trade cryptocurrencies by tricking users investing money in exchange for huge profits.

In reality, investors never got their money back. To repatriate the stolen money to China, the police specify that the funds first passed through Indian bank accounts and the digital wallets of those associated with the scam. Then the money was sent to Zebpay (an accessible cryptocurrency exchange platform in India). Other cybercriminals working on behalf of the same Chinese sponsors are still active in Nepal.

The Reserve Bank of India also became aware of these frauds and asked the agencies concerned to take steps to control them. Also the head of the computer police of Uttar Pradesh ask people to be careful during online transactions and to use a free helpline if needed. He is pointing out that ” if you receive a part-time job offer, an instant loan or huge returns related to the cryptocurrency market, chances are good that they are fraud attempts by Chinese operators “.

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