Launch of Binance Blockchain Week in Paris!

Binance Blockchain Week kicks off with great hype in the heart of Paris for three days of exchanges, meetings and discoveries about Web3 and the role of France in this revolution.

A fire speech at the top

To start this long-awaited event well, none other than the famous CZ, CEO of Binance, together with the Minister of Digital Transition and Telecommunications Jean-Noël Barrot, who addressed various key issues around the adoption of cryptocurrencies and the case. regulation.

CZ began by painting a very positive picture of the situation in France for Web3. The company has in fact entered into a partnership with the Station F incubator worth 100 million euros and intends to strengthen its presence in France. The company has already recruited 100 people and plans to recruit hundreds more according to the CEO.

CZ defends its choice of France primarily for the quality of French universities and the country’s academic excellence, especially in the technical, safety and more general engineering sectors.

Furthermore, CZ told us about the constructive exchanges with the French government and the French regulators, touting a strict but very reactive administration. On this point, Minister Jean-Noël Barrot intervened confirming that the administration has maintained very high standards in this area while being attentive, clear and precise on its expectations.

This legal framework is not common in Europe and many countries are still struggling to clarify their expectations of companies like Binance.

A growing collaboration

CZ and Jean-Noël Barrot have exclusively announced a partnership with Simplon, the inclusive school that trains in digital professions throughout France and internationally.

This partnership will provide more than 10,000 people with key blockchain and cryptocurrency training, in order to train the young people and hopes of tomorrow in the new jobs and challenges of Web 3.0.

Furthermore, the minister insisted on the quality of funding in France, showing that it was possible to create unicorns without having to go to the United States, and that many leaders such as Ledger or Sorare inspire new French start-ups. .

The minister also explained that a sandbox will be launched in March 2023 for 3 years in France and invited French companies and entrepreneurs to come and try, discuss and work on the future of Web3 and regulation in France.

CZ pointed out that, although the MiCA regulation has been a model in many sectors, its rules do not take into account the reality of the market in terms of stablecoins or even NFTs.

For this reason, France continues to work to provide regulations that allow entrepreneurs and innovators to develop future Web3 tools, particularly in terms of decentralized finance, a particularly important issue for the minister.

This Binance Blockchain Week is therefore starting very strong and many experts and speakers will continue to address important topics in order to create a decentralized future for all, in which France can act as a pioneer.

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