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The application owes its success to its simple and intuitive interface. Interaction with fans occurs through surveys, VIP rewards, exclusive promotions, forums, games and contests. It is possible to participate in marketing choices, the selection of the design of coaches and stadiums, but also the creation of various anthems and mottos, as well as challenges between players and have access to exclusive shirts and gadgets.

The more the user is active on the application and participates, the more he has the possibility to access rewards and experiences. For the teams it is a way to monetize and increase the interaction of fans, acquire data and avoid the organizational and logistical problems that have always accompanied the wildest and most passionate race. Socios allows you to increase interaction even in times of confinement and restrictions, but in our opinion it is also an interesting way to take advantage of the best of technology in the world of sport.

In addition to the aforementioned Inter, Formula 1 Astor Martin and major Serie A clubs, there are now a total of 164 sports partners involved with Socios around the world, not only teams but also federations and leagues. The company employs 240 people in 30 states, has over 1.5 million members, while fan tokens in 2021 generated more than $ 150 million in revenue to share with partners. “I love interacting with clubs in this way. I contacted Socios because the writings on the team shirts intrigued me.

I don’t do it for economic investments, but for football passion. Socios also allowed me to deepen some dynamics of new technologies that I did not know ”, testifies Alessandro Gastaldello of Venice, the other of the two fans chosen for the experience of the F1 and Football combo. The interaction with the teams and the intuitive interface are the aspects to which Socios owes the success of these months “I think it is an excellent initiative, the world is evolving in the direction of technology, generations are changing, we must keep up with the times, the system is immediate and intuitive – explains Marco Materazzi, the champion is now part of the Inter Legend program, special guest and icing on the cake of the day for the two symbolic fans. We must not forget that football has always been linked to money, maybe even more now ”.

Socios, how the platform that combines blockchain and passion for sport works

The former footballer is actually not wrong, but in this case the money is the fans who use Socios not as a form of investment but for footballing faith. In return they have the opportunity to be even closer to their idols and to participate in the life of the teams, our impression is that we are only at the beginning and that the possibilities of the platform are still to be explored.

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