Binance and Simplon want to train 10,000 people around the blockchain

Wishing to democratize access to blockchain-related skills, Binance is launching an educational partnership with the Simplon school network. The training story, over 12 months, will offer various workshops accessible to all. The project ultimately aims to train 10,000 people in jobs around the Web3 and blockchain in France.

As part of Binance Blockchain Week, which will be held September 14-16 at the Palais des Congrès in Paris, the Binance charity has announced a partnership with Simplon. The goal is ambitious: to train 10,000 people in Web 3 and blockchain-related applications in the first year. Frédéric Bardeau, co-founder and president of the Simplon, says he is very enthusiastic about the creation of such a project. “It is very ambitious. The first year we will focus on France and the French-speaking countries, but we want to renew the contract and expand the entire Simplon network abroad. We want to train 50,000 people in the second year and 100,000 in the third ”. This merger between the two organizations is part of the Binance Scholar program which aims to “encourage the next generation of digital leaders to develop their skills, knowledge and experience without financial barriers.”

Relying on the Simplon network, the cryptocurrency exchange platform wants to offer workshops organized by content it has developed specifically for training, with a focus on women, people living away from digital technology, training and work, VSE-PMI and young people. An essential point for Frédéric Bardeau: “We have 45% of women in Simplon, we want to offer it to all ages and all walks of life”. For her part, Helen Hai, head of Binance Charity, said she wanted to demystify the blockchain and demonstrate its different fields of application in sectors such as health, social, finance, etc. “With Simplon, we are working to foster a deeper understanding of blockchain technology to empower a diverse workforce across France,” she says.

A 360 ° view of the blockchain and its businesses

Specifically, the workshops will be available online and face-to-face through the network of schools and its partners throughout France, including rural areas and abroad. The initiative, which lasts 12 months, translates into multiple levels of training, aimed at a wide audience. First, this should translate into awareness workshops on the basics of blockchain. After that, interested people will have to pass the certification developed by Binance Academy. The learning leading to this certification covers both Web3 topics on blockchain, cryptocurrency, decentralization, NFT, metaverse, and trading.

Finally, in its roadmap, Binance announces that it wants to “focus on developing and training people to pursue booming technology careers”. A desire that translates into the creation of sessions, oriented to return to work, for the unemployed, to make them discover use cases, opportunities and jobs offered by the Web3 and the blockchain. . For this, pre-qualification or training sessions will be organized to become a blockchain developer. A few weeks earlier, a first workshop took place at the Simplon headquarters in Aulnay-sous-Bois. For the occasion, Simplon co-founder Frédéric Bardeau guided 19 students through educational content provided by Binance Academy. The goal of this session was to launch a “smart contract” using the “Solidity” blockchain development language. The manager says he is confident about the feasibility of the project: “We train 6,000 people a year, in France and abroad, it is ambitious but achievable. We work in particular with Pôle emploi, the local missions, we have a strike force that will allow us to reach all these people, ”he adds.

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