BNP Paribas, Banque Postale, LCL, Socit Gnrale … The banks that will freeze bank rates in 2023

Faced with galloping inflation, the government has asked banks to make a new gesture for their customers’ portfolios. A global fare freeze in 2023 was not unanimous. The consensus was for a tariff shield of a maximum increase of 2%. But some banks are quick to promise a rate freeze for 2023.

All banks have pledged not to increase their bank fees by more than 2% in the year 2023, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire launched on Tuesday, after meeting with leaders of BPCE groups. , Socit Gnrale, Crdit Mutuel, BNP Paribas, Crdit Agricole and La Banque Postale. There was an energy shield. We are therefore putting in place a shield on bank charges, which will not increase by more than 2% in 2023. That’s it for the announcement.

The French Banking Federation (FBF) communiqué agrees, albeit with greater caution, by adding the following statement: It is up to each bank on the FBF executive committee to make its own decisions, in compliance with competition law. Shield, yes, but nothing is really set in stone.

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Banks that have announced a price freeze for 2023

The minister wanted some French banks to freeze bank rates for the year 2023, for very common rates, acknowledges the FBF in its press release released on Wednesday 14 September. Which? For the moment, four banks have publicly announced that they want to freeze their rates: Crdit Coopratif, LCL, La Banque Postale and BNP Paribas.

We want to go further [du plafond de 2% la hausse, NDLR] and announce this day freezing the prices of our products for our individual customers for 2023writes Benot Catel, general manager of Cooperative credit, the first bank to announce the price freeze in a press release issued on September 14. Will all rates be frozen at Crédit Coopratif, without exception, and not just the very common rates mentioned in the FBF press release? Yes, MoneyVox confirms this bank which is part of the BPCE group: all 2023 bank rates for individuals will not increase in 2023.

Similar announcement from Bnp Paribaswho is committed block all of his bank rates for his individual clients, as announced by the director of the commercial bank in France, Marguerite Brard, on the Linkedin network. A press release from the brand also recalls past commitments (undertaken by the entire banking sector), in particular on the monthly cap on accident costs of 25 euros.

Solicited by MoneyVox, the bank LCL get involved today [mercredi 14 septembre] block all bank rates of its particular clientele and this until September 2023. Crédit Agricole’s subsidiary added on September 15 in a press release that customers identified as fragile will also benefit from a full exemption from accident fees until September 1, 2023 (for the record, these are limited to € 16.50 per month from February 2019).

Thursday 15th September is The post bank which, in turn, announced the freezing of bank rates: in this period of return to school, characterized by an unprecedented inflationary context, La Banque Postale is firmly committed to its customers with the rate freeze for 2023 on all its banking bands, promises in a statement Philippe Heim, chairman of the board of directors of the banking brand. In line with FBF’s commitment, the fragile customer offer (simplified account formula, used by 260,000 customers) will increase to 1 euro per month in 2023. And the bank recalls in its press release that it has frozen the price of its account formulas at the beginning of 2022, young people and its 1.6 million customers identified in financial difficulties.

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Banks that had already announced other fee moderation measures

The national confederation of Crdit Mutuel announced, on the evening of Tuesday 13 September, not to announce a cost freeze but to recall the commitments of recent months, including the pricing of the fragile customer offer (OCF) already lowered by 1 euro to month, a gesture on which yesterday the other banks agreed to align Bercy.

Crdit Mutuel: the underside of the new 1 euro bank account

Requested by MoneyVox, La Banque Postale recalls its commitment (…) to fragile customers and our pricing efforts in 2022: generalization of free instant wire transfers for all customers, freezing of borrower’s standard insurance prices, freezing of the prices of the formulas of your account in 2022 for young people and people in economic difficulty or the Pass Jeune service package.

Société Générale says MoneyVox anticipated the topic by recalling that it announced a number of measures this summer: overall stability of rates by 2023 for banking services (card fees, account maintenance fees, etc.), the same goes for fragile customers. Finally, the Rossoneri bank has already reduced – since the beginning of September – 1 euro per month in the offer dedicated to customers in a situation of fragility. Finally, the bank notes that student loans this year are at cost price, i.e. without margin, and therefore cheaper.

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The ones that are discreet (for now?)

Caisse d’Epargne, Banque Populaire … At this stage, these large banking groups have not reacted to the announcements of the commitments of the banking profession yesterday Bercy. However, it should be noted that, like Crdit Mutuel, these networks are mutualist groups characterized by several regional entities. However, each federation or regional fund has its own tariff schedules. This could explain why taking a national position takes longer than centralized networks.

Crédit Agricole: no incident fees for fragile customers

Crédit Agricole was initially discreet on the subject … before releasing a press release on Wednesday, September 14 at the end of the day. The green bank is logically aligned with the ceiling of the increase of 2%, and with the lowering of 1 euro per month in the offer of fragile customers, in harmony with the commitment of the Bercy profession. The only initiative of the group that goes beyond these commitments: until further notice, the bank abolishes accident costs for the owners of this fragile customer offer.

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