for bad and for good

By Didier Pitelet, Founding President of La Maison-Henoch Consulting

Like any revolution, what is presented as the future of the Internet, the metaverse already carries within itself the human duality of good and evil.
Like the Internet that has endowed humanity with the best of access to information, knowledge, scientific progress (…) and the worst of hatred for social networks, the Darknet, unregulated pornography for children, the cult of violence with videos that keep propaganda unhealthy and so on.
The legislator is not a train but light years behind, leaving the population and especially the most vulnerable in the hands of what are called gangsters in organized gangs.

Where is the spirit of the lights?

In just 20 years the universalism of the web has dethroned that of the Enlightenment, including our republican motto “Freedom, Equality, Fraternity”, trying in particular to sublimate egalitarianism instead of equality; the fact that everyone can express themselves freely is a good thing, if respect for others was the prerequisite of the digital relationship.
The grip of American multinationals exports a cultural model that is a real poison for the republican vision of certain democracies, starting with ours; proof of the explosion of all forms of communitarianism that keep the between oneself first and the hatred of difference.
Not to mention the ecological impact of the web which is today one of the most damaging sources for combating global warming.
According to an article published in Le Figaro on August 22, all digital technology accounts for 10% of global electricity and 4% of greenhouse effects, not to mention mining to extract component manufacturing materials. Specialists predict by 2025, in three short years, that we should reach 20% of global electricity consumption and 7 to 8% of greenhouse gas emissions.

The balance of its impact on societies and good living is relatively mixed: it results in a “double weight, two measures” with the incense of new idols brought by their fidelity to sex, violence, hatred of sharing and enslavement to a world consumerist, immediate and as economical as possible with an ease of purchase and comparison never seen before.

From Google and Facebook, the pioneers who dreamed of themselves as a “new consciousness of humanity” and a “new church”, we have now become a sanitized civilization of real time, subject to the permanent judgment of political correctness; the new wave of wokism that accelerates the process of subjugation, we must be wary of everything that is said or written; Desproges and Coluche are revolting in their graves.

Political correctness blocks free thinking

Politically correctness, in good conscience of the excesses of the web, has become the absolute weapon to lock the “free thinkers”.
For example, that of companies that aligns them with a pathetic woody language and feeds most of the reasons for having emerged in the wake of the Law of the Pact and the famous Senard / Notat report. They are all alike in supporting a better world within everyone’s reach.

One of the consequences of this context, amplified by the Covid crisis, is what is called “The great resignation” which, starting from the United States, now affects all of Europe, in particular France, whose resignations jumped by 20 % in the first quarter of 2022 compared to the same period in 2021, or 470,000 French who have left their employer (in the US almost 48 million Americans have left their jobs).

The Metaverse, the future of humanity through avatars?

This world which today sublimates the “I” to the “we”, which incenses the ego and individualism is today the fertile ground of the metaverse, a new fashionable word to designate what some do not hesitate to describe as the future of ‘humanity.
Mark Zuckerberg, baptizing his Facebook group, Meta, is convinced that a better world is possible … in virtual mode.
No more worries, no more existential questions that have plagued humanity since its creation “who am I, where am I going, why? and have fueled millennia of questions.
The famous “know yourself and you will know the universe and the Gods” of the temple of Delphi is finally reality, I will know myself in one click, I will live the dream life of the Angels through an avatar.

Who can believe that this virtual reality which, for the moment, looks like a newly improved version of Second Live, is not dangerous for the very sense of humanity.
“I have a shit life in real life and a dream life in the metaverse.”
When we see the impact of video games on the explosion of violence among young people or even porn (read the reports on sexual assault in kindergartens), we can easily imagine the virtual drifts that are sure to happen in the real world.
The first cases of virtual rape have already made headlines.
In a world where everything would be allowed, we can imagine that it is the best to win if it is not, organized upstream, designed precisely for the best of humanity.

An incredible legal vacuum

Unfortunately, as with the internet, the metaverse is plunging into an incredible legal and ethical void, following the formula “we will learn as we go”.
In 2022 every child sees and consumes the worst that humanity has on their smartphone, imagine living it in the metaverse!

As always, the world of money smells of business opportunities; sponsors push themselves to anticipate their universes; some even manage to sell more expensive products in the virtual than in the real world. Art becomes NFT …
The world of vanities is now unlimited; everything is already sold, nothing exists, everything is sold. The dream world of traders and developers is launched and, sworn, there is no happiness without it. To be in the game you must be there, otherwise the penalty falls, we are out of fashion.

But what about this great boss, happy to show off after holding his first management committee in the metaverse, or this company that, under the pretext of innovation, launches recruiting sessions in the metaverse?
What if we open our eyes to the denial of the human that is at stake?
Is recruiting without human presence, driving without being at the center of the fray, really reasonable? Finally, the old style isn’t necessarily where we think it is …
For 25 years, the company and its organization have undergone an incredibly violent dehumanization with its share of burn-out, disengagement and so on, literature on the subject is not lacking.
A disembodied management under the pressure of the short term and hyper-profitability has drained the very meaning of deep and sincere human relationships.

How can you honestly imagine reclaiming your lost (or forgotten) humanity with a myriad of avatars?
Since young people like to play, do you have to start?
It is frankly taking them for gogos!
Yet, as with the “old generation” Internet, the metaverse is already full of great prospects in the various fields of education, health, industry …
The technical progress on the sensorial will allow to practice in the virtual and to perfect the perfect gesture; the future of education is undoubtedly also played in the metaverse.
And the teaching?
The world of the Grandes Ecoles has become a market like any other with its share of pension funds and other shareholders who, in recent years, have made incredible movements of concentration to the point of significantly changing the global mapping of the plants.
The logic of profit has very often taken precedence over the quality of courses there too.
Tomorrow, it’s a safe bet that the courses will be 100% metaverse, including graduation.
The new humans born with the Z and Alpha generations are leading this fundamental movement and making it essential; one more reason not to confuse speed with precipitation in its deployment under the pressure of various and varied companies.
At some point, if you really want to create value, it is not necessary to think about the concepts of transmission, sustainability and protection of life, here called data.
With the example of the Internet, we know that humanity has given birth to the worst and the best without yet learning a real lesson; with the metaverse, everything will go much faster because a full generation is ready to live virtually.

Companies can protect the real human being

Companies will have in their hands the possibility of “sanctifying” human relationships of trust; if they are not helped by politics (as too often happens), they will have to rethink all ways of life and their own usefulness; they will have to open up quickly to the challenges of neuroscience that are about to become a real pillar of management. In the name of common sense, they are a bulwark against wokism and other cultural interference also brought by these virtual universes.
With optimism it is possible to think that the metaverse will soon become an opportunity to prune all the superfluous that poisons the life of the teams, to rethink the cultural rituals without forgetting tomorrow, in 5/10 years the management of 100% virtual teams and all that this will entail from a legal point of view.
The Internet has transformed the world, the metaverse will revolutionize it, hoping that the best prevails over the worst.
Everyone will have their share of responsibility.

Didier Pitlet

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