It’s incredible ! The gendarmerie and police want blockchain experts

Crimes involving cryptocurrencies are increasing day by day and authorities around the world are at a loss. In France, the Police and the National Gendarmerie have found it useful to hire blockchain experts to follow the trend and to be able to act in the event of an attack. The police no longer laugh and also want to move on!

Blockchain is becoming the new hub of law enforcement

We can no longer deny the fact that web3 is becoming more and more real and even the police are noticing it. Today we know thanks to the Bourse Emploi Public website, we know that the National Gendarmerie and the Police are looking for specific profiles. Indeed, these two entities are looking to recruit blockchain IT professionals.

After all that is happening today in terms of cybercrime, what the Police and the National Gendarmerie are currently doing is excellent. The profiles sought by the two bodies are different, but all the applicants have until 31 December 2022 to act.

The National Police recruits blockchain specialists for OCLCTIC while the National Gendarmerie does it for ComCyberGend. In any case, the contracts will be signed with the Ministry of the Interior.

How are hiring going?

If you want to apply, keep in mind that you must have strong cryptocurrency skills. If you want to work for the police, you will need to know how to use transaction analysis tools like Chainalysis. You will also need to know how existing networks like the BTC, ETH or ZCash network work, knowing that the Monero network would be a real plus.

The criteria remain the same for the National Gendarmerie, but you will also need to have a bac + 5 in finance or IT. In addition, you will also need to have a thorough understanding of the Python and Solidity languages. If either entity hires you, you will need to be prepared to travel overseas and you should always be aware of cryptocurrency news.

Plus, if the Police or Gendarmerie recruit you, you will be one of these modern superheroes behind their screens and can do justice to the victims of thefts.

While working in blockchain is quite complicated and new, it is quite feasible and is a growing industry. Also, if you want to try your luck, do it quickly. Furthermore, you can also be trained before taking on your future position as a cryptocurrency specialist. Furthermore, before you begin, you will also need to know how the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) works.


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