It’s too good! Musical NFTs will revolutionize the world of games

Did you know that it was possible to use NFT music in blockchain game development. You surely know this if you are a gamer and, in addition to games, you like to explore the web3. In the universe of GameFi, this eventuality is highly anticipated. This would be an opportunity not only for developers but NFT music creators as well.

This company will also benefit the players. A promise of quality and diversity is the key according to industry specialists. Furthermore, web3 players are all currently focused on finding ways to improve the industry. The improvements sought concern both the form and the content of the metaverse.

In the area of ​​NFT music in question, developers opt for this solution in order to minimize costs and increase earnings. Focus on the essentials of the matter.

Music in the structure of a game

Corey Milton of Mirai Labs confided in his perception of music in the Games. The co-founder of Mirai Labs set the stage by confessing that music is often underestimated in appreciating a game’s structure, it is often forgotten that background music plays an important role in the atmosphere of the game.

The player is excited by the music when it matches the atmosphere projected by the gameplay. On the other hand, when the music does not interest the player, he cannot concentrate on the game and he can also leave the game earlier than expected. Therefore, developers need to be careful in choosing the music to integrate into their games.

NFT music comes into play

NFT music is a virtual object accessible on the blockchain like all NFT creations. Except, instead of containing an image, gif or video, NFT music contains sound. Making a musical NFT isn’t very complicated according to blockchain developers.

However, NFT music is easier to trade, integrate into games, and especially sell. These three points have prompted developers to take advantage of the possibility of integrating musical NFTs into games.

The advantages of using musical NFTs

GameFi developers are aware of the financial side of their projects. The financing begins with the granting of the project and ends with the profits made by the owners and all contributors without forgetting the players. Using NFT music is already cheaper for developers. The costs are lower than those estimated for a studio music purchase.

Secondly, embedding NFT sounds is more convenient for developers. The games are therefore of better quality and the delays are reduced for the release dates.

The most important part of adopting this strategy is the compensation. Developers can set a direct compensation system for owners based on the popularity of their music NFTs.

In short, this new NFT initiative is a promising project that improves the metaverse.


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