Shiba Inu incorporates Netflix and Marvel alum into its Metaverse team

Shiba Inu innovates by expanding its team with well-known leaders from the entertainment sphere. The latest recruit of the group has to his credit the success of some Marvel and Netflix titles. In this sense, the Shiba Inu community intends to impose innovation as a watchword in the metaverse.

This massive recruitment of scholars supports the expansion of the Shib army community. They are currently working hard on the Shib: The Metaverse project. The Shiba Inu community believes they are flawless in creating their blockchain. It will be games, cryptocurrencyand virtual opportunities of all kinds.

Video game fans are particularly impressed and teased by the events related to the project metaverse Shiba Inus. The recruitment of Brandie Konopasek, for example, sparked a wave of curiosity. The young woman’s talent as a producer will certainly bring renewal to the web3. Focus.

Brandie Konopasek joins Shib’s army

Brandie Konopasek is a producer and post-production manager of feature films, series and video games. She has offered her services to the greatest of the playful sphere, namely Disney, Netflix, Marvel, Technicolor. The 34-year-old woman has contributed to the success of around 100 projects.

For example, Brandie Konopasek contributed to the creation of the visual effects for: The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Fifty Shades of Gray and Life. She was also post-production director for: Secret Obsession, The Wrong Missy, Night Teeth. These are just some of her successes.

Currently, Brandie Konopasek is developing a passion for the sphere of games. At Shiba Inu Games she participates in the development of the game landscape, but we do not know exactly her position in the team. Lei konopasek said that she particularly enjoys working with emerging technologies. Her integration of her into Shiba Inu Games is an experience she particularly cares about.

Shib The Metaverse

The project: The Shib Metaverse is developed by The Third Floor studio. TTF is among the best in its category. The studio has, among other things, partnered with Disney to produce visual effects. You surely know how breathtaking the visual effects are in new Disney movies.

Judging by the scale of the collaborations, Shiba Inu’s metaverse project promises fireworks! players and Fans of the Metaverse experience will enjoy a view that meets the most demanding expectations. At least, that’s what we can deduce from the whole community decision-making process.

In fact, the Shib Army has among others in its team: the developer and publisher of mobile games William David Volk and the producer David Kern.

The disaster of the cryptocurrency fall has weakened the metaverse. This fact, however, will not cause web3 to go backwards. Innovative projects like that of Shiba Inu prove it to us.

Currently, the metaverse is in the process of purification. We are entering an era where quality will prevail over speculation. The best elements like the Dogecoinpopular P2E and projects like Shib: The Metaverse will massively dominate the web3.


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