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Entrepreneurs, speculators, video game fans, metaverse builders … “Geeks” from all walks of life gathered in Paris on Wednesday and Thursday for a “blockchain” convention organized by Binance, the largest cryptocurrency trading platform in the world.

An increasingly popular term, “blockchain” is like a huge computer ledger believed to be non-falsifiable, serving as a support for multiple operations that represent billions of dollars.

“I want to open a decentralized platform for cryptocurrency exchanges and have come looking for information,” Ray, a Chinese entrepreneur attending this convention, told AFP.

“In China the regulations are very restrictive” on these virtual currencies, “while in France they are strict but friendly,” adds this 34-year-old man, who has already launched a service company for influencers and other content producers in his country. social networks.

“I came looking for partnerships, investors, inspiration,” says Nils Gregersen, a 35-year-old German co-founder of Paycer, a start-up that offers investments to holders of ether, a cryptocurrency competing with the famous bitcoin.

The sector has suffered a severe blow with the decline in the value of bitcoin and other cryptoassets but “there are always opportunities”, he assures, citing potential returns ranging “from 4% to 6%”, higher than those offered by traditional savings products. .

Charles Hu and Fabien Hu, two Parisian economics students aged 18 and 19, are looking for good advice.

“We bought the ether, we think it will go up again,” after Thursday’s success of the “Merge”, anticipates Charles.

Under this name hides a technical mutation of the Ethereum “blockchain”, which serves as the basis for this cryptocurrency and which must therefore become less energy-intensive.

Fabien also tries to “identify good NFT projects”, these digital certificates linked to virtual or real objects that have sometimes seen their value soar.

His goal: “to buy them as soon as they are issued, and I sell them immediately, as soon as they are listed on a market,” he explains.

– Community –

Alexandre, a 35-year-old bearded man with a piercing under his lip, railway maintenance specialist, is also an NFT enthusiast.

“I’m still making money from my investments, but I may have been lucky compared to the average,” he says, as the valuation of some of these certificates has declined for a few months.

“I appreciate the community side, the fact of exchanging with so many people on Twitter, Discord, Telegram”, he points out to explain his enthusiasm.

Alejandro Lillo Aranda, Alex Moneton and Yassine Mezroui, three in their thirties, are looking to develop NFT projects associated with video games for the international Seedify incubator.

Each of them works full-time, as self-employed, from their own homes, in Madrid, Nice and on the outskirts of Paris.

If video games were to distribute rewards widely in the form of NFTs, players could build a form of monetizable assets and “somehow make the time spent playing profitable,” describes Alejandro Lillo Aranda.

“If I could have received this kind of thing as a teenager and played + World of Warcraft +, I wouldn’t have stopped playing,” adds Alex Moneton.

“Among the people who are here, there are those who have won, those who have lost. But, in any case, everyone is convinced that + blockchain + is a technology of the future”, sums up David Prinçay, president of Binance France, who today it has almost 150 employees.

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