What is Swiit, the first 3.0 sports village created by three people from the Var

The idea

Imagine athletes in real life, totally interconnected thanks to the virtual village of an application whose only limits are those of the imagination of its creators. In Solliès-Ville, Sullivan Tronchet, Guillaume and Quentin Michel de Pierredon have been working for two years on the creation of Swiit, an interactive social platform that offers access to all possible services for a unique sports experience in the metaverse.

The app will be available later this month.

The product

Search engine, social network, geo-localized map, cryptocurrency wallet and NFT piggy bank, marketplace, personal development tool, data source … Swiit is a compendium of services and data in an application that everyone manages as they want. Private data remains private. The creators delimited the GDPR with specialized lawyers.

Accessible in all countries, free for users, Swiit offers a paid subscription for professionals at € 49 per month and € 69 for companies.

The capital gain

Free for users, Swiit offers a gamification component. Any sporting practice (in real life therefore) is paid in iicoins, the currency of the application. This allows you to purchase services and products in the app. It will be exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies in 2023. “We know people are interested in prizes. We want icoin to be the go-to currency in sports.”

The investment

“All our savings, all our time and the help of investors from our inner circle: € 300,000 at the start.”

Swiit is completing its second fundraiser – one million euros – which should allow not only to launch it successfully, but above all to collaborate with new developers on the next phase: Web 3.

The challenge

Swiit’s creators are betting on putting technology at the service of human health. The app must both facilitate the activities of professionals thanks to a series of management tools, and offer the public a new way of consuming sport, fun and remunerated.

Athletes’ influencers will offer contests during the launch phase, with fantastic prizes up for grabs. In the end, the platform wants to allow people to find their sport close to home, to practice together, to participate in events.

Swiit’s challenge can be summed up in three words: fitter world (a fitter world).

The target. the goal

Guillaume, Quentin and Sullivan are experienced entrepreneurs. The launch of Swiit, they have prepared, calculated, matured for days and nights, with the help of consultants, lawyers, informed economists.

“Let’s start from a conservative case: 1% of professionals and 0.7% of global users, to be in the nails of our investors. What interests us, above all, is to live better all sports players. World, for bringing people together, especially to fight childhood obesity. The future is a Swiit label and the ability to convert your skills into virtual games. Swiit is not an app performance: it’s back to real life. “

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