Who are the owners of the great restaurants in Lyon?

The Bocuse houses, the refined brasseries

If there is one group of restaurants well known to the Lyons and Lyons, it is the Bocuse group which operates a total of nine brasseries in Lyon, the Grand Stade, Annecy and Paris. In 1994 it was Mr. Paul who decided to enter the beer sector, opening Le Nord rue Neuve (Lyon 2And), buying this mythical brasserie that he frequented in his youth, so that it did not become a fast food restaurant.

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He then developed the other three cardinal points (Le Sud, L’Est and L’Ouest), the Marguerite and Fond Rose restaurants and the Brasserie des Lumières at the Groupama stadium. Since 2015, his son Jérôme and Paul-Maurice Morel have taken over the group and developed other restaurants, including the Brasserie du Louvre in Paris in 2019 and the Brasserie Irma in Annecy in 2020.

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Establishments which will soon be joined by the restaurants recently taken over by Laurent Gerra (including Léon de Lyon), to which the group will manage and apply its know-how.

Philippe Florentin and Bruno Metzlé, the new life of Abel

Bruno Metzlé and Philippe Florentin. © Delphine Castel

Philippe Florentin is a serial entrepreneur who works only on impulse. The communicator began his culinary adventure by launching Zinc Zinc in Neuilly, then opened “high-end” BIEH (The best I’ve ever had) with his son, well before the arrival of the Big Fernand and others. Then he opened an Italian concept, Itavola, and a chicken brand, L’Aile ou la Cuisse.

At one point, his portfolio included 14 establishments and today he has kept only his Parisian brasserie, Zinc Zinc (his first restaurant, which he will never part with) and … Abel.

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With its acquisition in 2008, Philippe Florentin did more than just resurrect an institution, he made it flourish throughout Lyon. First by opening the Bistrot d’Abel, at the Cordeliers, in 2016, with chef Bastien Depietri at the helm. Then developing a grocery store that sells the restaurant’s signature dishes, dining style and a range of local products.

Never short of ideas, he also decided to use the know-how of his jar company, Chef Cheffe, and the dynamism of his executive chef, Bastien Depietri, to propose eight of the restaurant’s flagship recipes to take away. . Finally, since the passion for good food is shared, Philippe Florentin will take Abel outside the walls of the capital of gastronomy by focusing on the holiday resorts and Paris, where “Lyonnaise cuisine is popular”.

Abel cafeteria counter: 25 rue Guynemer, Lyon 2And.
Bistrot d’Abel: 49 rue de la Bourse, Lyon 2And.
Abel grocery stores: 26 rue Vaubecour, Lyon 2And. 3 rue du Mail, Lyon 4And. 77 Cours Vitton, Lyon 6And.

Édouard Lameloise, a new look at Brasserie Georges

Heading the famous Lyon brasserie for 20 years, the Lameloise family has managed to keep the centuries-old institution alive, which can send out more than 1,000 meals a day. It is Édouard Lameloise, 43, who manages the structure in all discretion. No development in sight of a second oa brewery food truck sauerkraut, the young manager’s eyes are no bigger than his stomach.

He wanted to revive this institution with its brewing past, from the time of its founder Georges Hoffherr, first of all by reinstalling a beer laboratory at the entrance, for the consumption of customers on site. And, in 2017, it launched Georges beer, brewed at La Fabrique du Faubourg, in Vénissieux.

“It therefore seemed obvious to us to offer our beers to the general public, as was the case before. For me, we had to get back to being part of this landscape of independent Lyon brewers “, says the businessman anxious to revitalize Brasserie Georges, so that it does not become a museum.

Brasserie Georges, 30 Cours de Verdun, Lyon 2And.

Christian Têtedoie, the philanthropist of stoves

Christian Tedoie
Christian Tedoie. © Susie Waroude

Starred chef Christian Têtedoie is credited with many restaurants, but technically the only two he owns 100% are the Antiquaille restaurant (with Le Bistrot on the ground floor, above, the starred table, and on the roof, the Rooftop) and Arsenic , the restaurant whose executive chef comes out of his kitchens and changes every year.

But the chef, who has just turned 60, has interests in other places through the CIA (Head of the intelligence agency), structure assembled with Simon Huet. According to the restaurants, the shares of the duo are variable: “It depends on the leader on the pitch, but I want him to always be in the majority. He must feel at home. “ Then he gave a push to Hiroyuki Watanabe, who started by opening Flair (Lyon 2And), then Yuzuya Izakaya (Lyon 3And); to Jérémy Lemaitre for the Gastro Pub in Lyon (now closed); and to Nicolas Seibold of La Mutinerie.

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And there are also the tables, set up by these former chefs, in which he has no participation, but which he accompanied for bank loans, such as Agastache (Lyon 6And) or The drinking pig (Lyons 1uh). “When I created the CIA, the idea was really to help young people settle down. It is my hobby. You have to set foot in the bracket very early, so that they have the trust of the banks, so that if one of them wants to take over a nice house, he can do it “Christian Têtedoie explains to Tribune of Lyon.

But at the moment there are two projects that keep the chef, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, very busy: the opening of the CFA gastronomy in the Lacroix-Laval park, of which he is the creator and president, and La Mère Léa. After the acquisition in 2012 by Philippe Rabatel, in collaboration with Christian Morel, the chef invested heavily in 2019 to expand the structure which today offers a breathtaking view of the Saint-Jean cathedral and Fourvière. Cut in full swing by Covid and subsequent closures, the duo will have to hit hard “giving real visibility to this business that deserves it”.

Never short of projects, think with Simon Huet to take over a new business … “but there’s not much else to do”. “I would have liked to redo a nice brasserie, but there aren’t any more”complains the chef who opened his first restaurant on October 5, 1987, 35 years ago.

Benjamin Lavorel, from the night to the bakeries

Benjamin Lavorel
Benjamin Lavorel. © Marie-Eve Brouet

The Lyon restaurant characters Benjamin Lavorel and his partner Sylvain Auclair run a dozen establishments. In 2014 they take over La Maison (formerly Maison Borie) in Gerland, transforming it into a chic and festive place. In 2018 they invest the Confluence by opening the Azar Club, accompanied by the Larose brothers.

But in the last three years, the duo has doubled the number of its premises: in 2019 the two partners opened L’Italien and Café Mercière, rue Mercière; take over the Café du Pond (Lyon 6And) to Aurélien Liveneau and Selcius (Confluence) and transformed Fratelli into Selcius Events; and finally in 2020 they launch the Mamy Rose bar in Brotteaux station.

It was during his confinement, seeing the expense item dedicated to the purchase of bread for his restaurants, that Benjamin Lavorel had the idea of ​​embarking on the bakery. With his confectioner from La Maison, he tested and opened Maison Antoine in 2020, on the quay of the same name.

Staying in the 2And arrondissement, bought the toy store Le Petit Train Bleu and opened its second Maison Antoine bakery, which looked like a candy box, like La Duration tea rooms. “It is the neighborhood of my partner, Sylvain Auclair, where he was severely lacking in bakery”explains the team that will develop a tea room space in its first brand by October.

Emmanuel Faucon, figure of Brotteaux

Emanuele Faucón
Emanuele Falcone. © DR

It was in 1991 that Emmanuel Faucon’s mother had the opportunity to buy the Brasserie des Brotteaux, this institution founded in 1913 that at the time bore the name of Eden Bar, a place for men, which served their own beer and coffee. Over the years, the venue has transformed into a brewery and still is today.

It was in 1996 that Emmanuel joined the adventure. Passionate about cooking from an early age, he gives life to this place always bringing a touch of modernity, and remaining simple. Il ne cherche pas à avoir une renommée gastronomique, bien qu’il tienne sa recette du canard à the orange et sa crème brûlée de Jean-Christophe Ansanay-Alex (chef étoilé de l’Auberge de l’île Barbe), corn he distill one “Traditional food, but good”.

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Right next to the Brasserie des Brotteaux, in 2016 he also opened Bianca, an Italian restaurant, and in 2007 he took over Au Rendez-vous des Amis, cours Lafayette, a seventies-style neighborhood bistro, founded in 1969 A true 6 goneAnd.

Frank Delafon, Broths and Institution

Frank Delafon
Frank Delafon. © Susie Waroude

For fifteen years, the young boss of L’Institution has been building his restaurant group with discretion. In 2007, Frank Delafon took over Le Bar Américain in Les Cordeliers and renamed it The Institution. In 2019 he took over La Manille (institution founded in 1860, close to L’Institution) to transform it into a “bouillon” like Bouillon Chartier in Paris with traditional dishes at affordable prices.

In 2020 he reaffirms it, but this time at the Croix-Rousse by taking over La Brasserie des Écoles, transforming it there too into a “bouillon”. And in 2021 Frank Delafon embarks on a new adventure in the Part-Dieu shopping center, opening Food Society. A food court over 3,000 m2 (the largest in France) where there are a dozen brands, mostly from Lyon, including a version by Bouillon Maurice.

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At the same time, the entrepreneur had also formed a hotel group, Ho36 Hostels, developing youth hostels in La Guillotière, Terreaux, but also in Les Menuires, La Plagne and Avignon, which he sold in early 2022 to focus on his projects in Lyon.

Furthermore, it is precisely in Gerland that he recently set his eyes open by opening a neighborhood bar that we really liked, the Balto Disco Club, rue Marcel-Mérieux (Lyon 7And). Slowly but surely, the former CFO of Starbucks France is making his nest and “does not forbid anything”.

Aurélien Liveneau, splendid climb

Le Splendid, managed by Aurélien Liveneau. © DR

If he were playing Monopoly, he would be among those with the most cards in hand. Since 2007, with his Kaizen Concept group, Aurélien Liveneau has acquired successful concepts and exploited them: Le République (bar on the Presqu’île), L’Horloge in Brotteaux, Koby Bar (formerly The Dog’s Bollock in Croix-Rousse), B52 in Dardilly, and on the shores of Star Ferry, Volle Petrol and La Platform.

Bar recently joined by two former Georges Blanc establishments: Le Center, now Kaïa, rue Grolée, and Le Splendid, place Jules-Ferry, just opposite Brotteaux station, which was not renamed when it was taken over in summer 2021.

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