Ecobank collaborates with AMA Academy to launch the first Pan-African fintech training for journalists

(ECOBANK) – Ecobank Group, the leading Pan-African banking group, committed to developing and supporting fintechs to transform digital finance and banking, today announced a partnership with AMA Academy, the only free e-learning course on a Pan-African platform dedicated to training journalists in Africa. Ecobank Group and AMA Academy will work together to develop bespoke fintech training modules for business, financial and technology journalists across the continent. The modules will be available in two languages: English and French.

The five-module program will be distributed online by industry experts and will result in accolades and recognition for the best African fintech journalists. It will cover topics such as the history of financial services in Africa, their transformation, blockchain, artificial intelligence in fintech and open banking. It will also cover security, regulation, governance, inclusion and future trends of the fintech market in Africa. The partnership aims to bring deeper knowledge and understanding of this fastest growing sector on the continent, improve the quality of reporting and generate greater public interest.

Eloïne Barry, founder and CEO of African Media Agency and AMA Academyclarified: We are delighted to partner with Ecobank Group, which is at the forefront of the transformation and advancement of fintech in Africa. Our Academy is also committed to improving the skills of journalists by giving them access to experts and training. Journalists often have to cover multiple stories and our goal is to help them improve the quality and effectiveness of their reporting. “.

Africa accounts for 45.6% of mobile payment activity globally, a phenomenon made possible by the rapid development of internet and smartphone access and amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

According to technology researchers, in 2021, fintech companies received 60% of the more than $ 4 billion in technology investments, surpassing the total investments made in the largest ecosystem of technology start-ups in the world in previous years. An estimated 6 million young Africans access the internet each year, offering exciting growth prospects in emerging fintech sectors such as agriculture, insurance, healthcare, clean energy and manufacturing. as well as relatively unexplored areas such as crowdfunding, blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and augmented reality.

Despite all the good that can be said about the growth of the African fintech industry, there are gaps and an imbalance in how it is represented. Today the international media talk about it. We do not sufficiently address the issue with an in-depth analysis of what is really happening in Africa by Africans. This training will give journalists the confidence, skills and understanding to become as relevant and competitive as journalists specializing in the same field in the international media. “, followed Eloine Barry.

Djiba Diallo, fintech consultant at Ecobank Groupsaid of this partnership: “ The continent has seen the rise of emerging markets outside the traditional strongholds of Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, including Ethiopia, Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda and Uganda, to name a few. These are the countries where Ecobank is present and where the Fintech Media Training Course will have a real impact. As a Pan-African banking group, we want to grow local fintech solutions, many of which have the potential to become global solutions, and allow our local media partners to spread the word. ”

Fintech Journalist of the Year Award

Journalists who follow all the training modules will also have the opportunity to be awarded the prize for the best Anglophone and Francophone journalist in the field of fintech during an awards ceremony organized at the end of the training course. Africa-based journalists covering economics, finance and technology for Africa should visit to register for the fintech masterclass.

About AMA Academy

The goal of the AMA Academy is to train and certify 10,000 journalists and media professionals by 2027, equipping them with skills in all genres and sectors of journalism, to promote high-quality journalism. It also helps journalists know how to profit from their profession and diversify their articles. The AMA Academy is currently present in 23 African countries.

About Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (“ETI” or “The Group”)

Ecobank Transnational Incorporated (“ETI”) is the parent company of Ecobank Group, the leading independent Pan-African banking group. The Ecobank Group employs approximately 13,000 people serving over 32 million customers in the retail, commercial and wholesale banking sectors in 33 African countries. The Group has a banking license in France and has representative offices in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Johannesburg in South Africa, Beijing in China, London in the United Kingdom and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. The Group offers a full range of banking products, services and solutions, including digital ones, including bank and deposit accounts, loans, cash management, consulting, trading, securities trading and wealth management. ETI is listed on several stock exchanges, notably the Nigeria Stock Exchange in Lagos, the Ghana Stock Exchange in Accra and the Bourse Régionale des Valeurs Mobilières in Abidjan. For more information, visit

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