Renault and The Sandbox team up for a virtual car

The Sandbox, the Ethereum metaverse platform, opens up a new world of virtual driving experience with the Renault brand in Korea.

A partnership that will allow Renault to dive into the metaverse

By agreeing to work with The Sandbox, Renault Korea is slowly introducing its existence into the metaverse. Customers can then virtually experience driving of his cars. To this end, various virtual activities are planned on the machine, as the company understands virtually present the products of the brand.

Both sides of this deal get some interest. For The Sandbox, new experiments will improve the metaverse universe. And for Renault, there may be natural product positioning.

Cindy LeeCEO of The Korea Sandbox is delighted with this collaboration. ” This type of collaboration should happen often. This is an opportunity for the Sandbox to push the boundaries. There is an opportunity to diversify digital experiences by introducing virtual driving into the metaverse. “

So far, there are no more details on the scope of this collaboration. Now it’s Renault’s turn as a company to interfere in the Ethereum metaverse. There are already several individuals and other companies present.

Driving in the Metaverse

The Renault brand isn’t the only carmaker wanting to combine effective marketing by entering the metaverse. This platform proves to be a favorable environment for automotive companies for attractive and original product placement. Last April, volkswagen had developed a experience of the metaverse called “ Game start Virtual clients were meant to hunt NFTs within the metaverse.

Nissan, the Japanese brand, also crossed the metaverse to introduce Sakura. Sakura is a state-of-the-art electric car. Nissan had therefore allowed its virtual customers to drive this electric car and to perceive all its real functionality. An experience considered unusual by the Nissan company: ” it was an unprecedented opportunity to reach a whole new audience “. And the company had announced the spirit:” We are curious about the future and will not stop looking for new ways to introduce digital to improve our products.

hyundai has already undertaken Zepetoa metaverse of the alternate world, led by Naver Z. The company has announced the possibility of driving experiences within a studio of virtual engines in the metaverse of Zepeto.

As for the metaverse, the platform had been the subject of controversy very recently. Indeed, Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum had announced that Marck Zuckerberg’s metaverse was doomed. Buterin’s arguments supported the idea that the Facebook creator’s massive investments were ultimately not profitable. A criticism that Zuckerberg had denied. The latter recognizes the hard work that awaits them in wanting to optimize experiences on the metaverse. Zuckerberg sees the long term by continuing to develop his platform.

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