TechQuest is Roblox immersive learning at its best

TechQuest, a new immersive Roblox learning experience designed to educate Robloxians about the past, present and future of computing, is a powerful demonstration of how organizations can leverage the metaverse to unlock new opportunities to educate people of all ages across the globe. world.

Designed by metaverse development studio MELON in partnership with the Computing History Museum, the free game aspires to teach students, educators, and families the history of computing and technology in an interactive environment, according to a release from the rush.

In the TechQuest experience, players discover unique ways technology can solve problems. The experience contains two distinct themes, environmental conservation and automation, which are composed of several unique virtual worlds. Roblox players can explore each world and complete tasks to earn rewards such as virtual items and pets. Immersive game worlds are familiar experiences suitable for most ages.

Automation-themed areas include a park, playground, candy factory, school, and home. In these worlds, players can explore 3D printing in schools and create an accessible playground. Conservation-themed areas allow robloxians to explore ocean, rainforest, and savannah habitats. Players can then perform tasks such as setting up heat sensors to identify animals and fly bee drones to pollinate plants.

TechQuest also includes an exhibition hall that displays artifacts from the museum’s collection and representations of stepping stones from the early days of the history of computing to today’s modern developments.

“By exploring the connections to the history of computing and applying the technology in real-world contexts, visitors will discover how technology can serve humanity,” said Dan’l Lewin, President and CEO of the Computer History Museum, in the release. press. The Roblox experience further aids the Silicon Valley-based museum’s mission to explore the past of computing, the digital present, and the impact of this technology on humanity in the future.

As interest in metaverse projects and virtual worlds becomes more widespread, media companies and brands are leading the way, primarily developing experiences designed to reach new audiences and strengthen their profits. However, the promise of the metaverse goes far beyond avatars and rock gigs. Experiences like TechQuest show the true potential of the metaverse as a place for people to go to learn and explore while coming together as a community.

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