It is destabilizing! NFTs could finance both propaganda and terrorism

Non-fungible tokens are at the center of all concerns. Would NFTs be potentially dangerous to international security?

The topic has been on the lips of web3 regulars ever since the appearance of the NFT terrorists. This NFT has taken US national security officials by storm.

The content of the NFT is similar to what can be described as propaganda for terrorism. In other words, it would be the precursor of a blockchain element to finance terrorist acts. Although no exact word mentions the possibility of a financing of the terrorist project on the NFT, we are faced with a fact that suggests.

Terrorist NFTs

Three NFTs featuring terrorist propaganda characters appeared on the web3 this August. The first carries the identification IS-NEWS # 01. This NFT was clearly shared by a supporter of terrorism, given its content. This is propaganda war in its most explicit form. The NFT also shows an image of hate speech.

The other two NFTs are just as self-explanatory as the first. The second NFT is titled Chemist. Land NFT is a tutorial on creating explosives. The third NFT is titled Cigarettes or Miswaks; it is propaganda against cigarettes. Terrorist campaigns mainly use this type of propaganda.

These three NFTs appeared on the web3 and were visible there for a fairly short time. Indeed, the managers of the trading platforms on which these NFTs have appeared have made arrangements. These NFTs have been canceled due to their non-compliance with the trading platforms policy.

At the same time, if these three NFTs have managed to find a place on the web3 for any length of time, the future could hold many surprises. We still don’t know what will happen tomorrow, but it is time to double our vigilance.

What should we take away from this episode?

Matthew Levitt attests that cryptocurrencies have not yet become a major means of financing terrorism. The man works in the field of counter-terrorism and is in the best position to speculate on the subject.

The fact is that cryptocurrencies and NFTs can be exploited in a thousand ways. These digital assets are used to create donations, finance different types of projects, etc. Since the blockchain is decentralized, it is quite easy to manipulate funds for financing dubious projects. In addition toThe case of these three NFTs would not have been the first to alert web3 users.

This episode of terrorist NFTs gives a feeling of insecurity to many web3 followers. This fear is legitimate. On the other hand, the anti-terrorist sphere has been studying the issue for quite some time. According to experts on the subject, the appearance of terrorist propaganda on the web3 is inevitable.

Blockchain users must remain calm and always exercise good judgment regarding such content. For their part, the developers are working on the best ways to anticipate the appearance of new elements of a terrorist nature on the web3.


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