Powerful vehicle manufacturer Ford is finally entering the metaverse!

Ford integrates the metaverse, because today we are talking about the virtual revolution and no longer the industrial revolution.

Ford has its name all over the world and is obliged to integrate web3 to mark its notoriety. In fact, the best-known brands will join the metaverse by 2030.

Giant Ford follows in the footsteps of Lamborghini, Toyota, Bentley, etc. But what would be the interest of a car brand in the metaverse?

It’s time to remember that the metaverse is a world of opportunity for all businesses. Entrepreneurs settle there to bring a new dimension to their prospecting and sales strategy. It is mainly for prospecting that the big brands use the metaverse.

As for Ford, its entry into the metaverse means new things for car enthusiasts. The latter will soon discover new virtual Ford objects to reconstitute their collections.

FORD projects on the web3

Ford filed trade patents on the Metaverse. The brand has registered its name for virtual cars, trucks and vans. It has also filed a commercial patent application for the clothing sector and for the opening of an NFT sales platform.

The main lines of Ford integration requests relate to an outright sale on the Metaverse. Indeed, Ford intends to start selling digital items on his behalf. The best known brands do it, for example You are here. And once again we reaffirm the reality of the virtual revolution that is making its way.

Ford will also undertake virtual reality activities. The brand will host shows in the metaverse to showcase its all-time hits and to advertise its new projects.

Why do brands enter the metaverse?

If you follow the news in the cryptosphere, you should know that the market is not in its best shape. Keep in mind, however, that the metaverse largely depends on cryptocurrencies and the price of NFTs. The purely speculative universe of the metaverse doesn’t really benefit him. On the contrary, the future of the metaverse is not entirely obscure.

In fact, specialists estimate that all the brands combined will be able to achieve a turnover of several billion dollars in the metaverse in 2030. This case could indeed bring large profits to renowned brands. However, the latter are not alone in the metaverse to directly sell digital items.

Brands are in the metaverse to stay in the crosshairs of potential buyers. All brands, be they automotive, beer, clothing or others, know they have no right to rush the web industry3. They must impose themselves for a future purpose.

Hence, imposing their sovereignty over the metaverse is important for big brands that risk being overtaken by opportunists.

Ford’s entry into the metaverse made perfect sense in this sense.


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