Between luxury parking and NFT collection, Place Vendôme is the talk of the city

Investors with flair know how to explore and exploit all possibilities. This is the case of Laurent Buisine with his luxury garage The Collection, located in Place Vendôme, which only accommodates Bugatti, Aston Martin, Porsche or Lamborghini. This exceptional car garage is located in the 4th basement of the Vendôme underground car park.

The owners of these vehicles are luxury enthusiasts who justify their means through real estate investments and other business activities. They park their jewelry at The Collection to take advantage of numerous new services. Indeed, for the price of parking, members deserve preferential treatment.

The Collection also provides something else. In addition to its premium garage, one of the best ever France, The Collection sets up a garage in the metaverse. This project is dedicated to collector vehicle enthusiasts who do not yet have a real chance to afford it. The project in question makes NFTs available to members.

The Metaverse project of the Collection

The Collection will build its metaverse platform The Collection World. It is a virtual platform where virtual representations of luxury cars are grouped. These are obviously NFTs. These NFTs in question are sold at 1 ETH per unit, which corresponds to just over 1500 euros.

Recall that The Collection’s IRL garage has 306 seats and each seat is rented for the year at 13500 euros. Hence, owners must own two cars to be admitted to the garage. You should also know that some members have a dozen luxury cars parked in this parking lot and others parked elsewhere.

On the Metaverse project, The Collection is cutting prices while maintaining a luxury product scale. His goal with this 3.0 garage is to satisfy the need of virtual collectors. Indeed, The Collection offers the opportunity for lovers of beautiful cars to appropriate an entire collection of luxury vehicles in NFT version.

If you like this concept, you can buy your first collector car NFTs on The Collection World from 21 September.

Thanks to web3

All these NFT projects promote the web3 market. They have hopes for a healthier expansion for the metaverse. Indeed, the metaverse is still at a very young stage of its journey. However, it has already experienced inconclusive periods with the fall of some cryptocurrencies, hacking episodes and even the drop in the price of NFTs.

Currently the web3 is still full of possibilities for investors and owners of innovative projects. Despite the flaws in fact, web3 remains a field to explore and may later become something of a shopping center virtual for different types of projects.

The entry of The Collection on the web3, for example, allows users to expand their possibilities of luxury collections to give more weight to their creations.

The Collection has been insightful about this project, but will it be successful?


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