Digital art: ELLE Décoration enters the world of NFT by great designers

While some see the metaverse as just a passing trend, for others it is an authentic living space where you can learn, work, have fun, meet people, travel, etc. Today, more and more people own properties and use the resources at their disposal to equip themselves with them. However, the supply in terms of decoration remains very scarce today. This limits the possibilities of people who wish to dress their property according to their wishes. At least, this was the case until ELLE Décoration offered NFTs (3D objects, videos, images). All the works were created in collaboration with digital artists who mix crypto-art, 3D architecture, new techniques of artificial intelligence and generative art. After all, if you have to live in the metaverse, you might as well live in an environment adapted to its uses.

The first steps of ELLE Décoration on the Web3


On the occasion of its 35th anniversary, ELLE Décoration has decided to embark on the NFT culture. The brand has indeed launched “D3SIGN CAPSULE”, a project that combines design and digital art, based on NFT technology. Specifically, it is a range of 16 collections, which includes digital creations with a decorative vocation. Each NFT is designed for use in the metaverse. However, in some cases, the collaboration has resulted in a unique physical piece of furniture that can be used in the real world.

This is the first time in NFT history that a decoration magazine has launched its own collection. Commenting on the news, Jean-Philippe Siourd, CEO of CMI Digital, the consortium behind ELLE Décoration, was very enthusiastic.

ELLE Décoration is the first decoration magazine launched on web3, a real innovation laboratory for the group, a project that allows us to explore new diversification perspectives and to develop new skills at the service of our advertisers.“, He confided.

ELLE_NFT_Isabelle Stanislas _Meteor Studio

HER decoration

We recall that ELLE Décoration has acquired considerable notoriety over the years. Firstly, it is the first press network specialized in decoration on a global scale. Hence, it is the first magazine dedicated to high-end decoration. Therefore, the “D3SIGN CAPSULE” project will benefit from significant visibility among the 1.3 million media readers and its 1.4 million followers on social media.

With these new NFT collections, ELLE Décoration consolidates its position as a pioneer in innovation. This is an opportunity for the brand to redefine the decoration of tomorrow, to bring out new trends and conquer a new market. Danièle Gerkens, Editorial Director of ELLE Décoration, said:

“Innovation, trends, discoveries … For 35 years, ELLE Décoration has explored all facets of beauty, art, design, architecture and innovation. Opening up to the NFT era with this ambitious project offers the architects and designers we support the opportunity to unfold their imagination and creativity into new territories. Imaginary furniture, decorative objects, motifs partly designed by artificial intelligence… These 16 works combine aesthetics and surprise, outlining the first answers to the question we all ask ourselves: what will the world of decoration be like tomorrow? “

ELLE_NFT_Pietro Franceschini Benoît Challand

CAPSULE D3SIGN: Association between design and metaverse

The D3SIGN CAPSULE project is multidisciplinary. Mix design with all new art forms such as generative art, 3D architecture, artificial intelligence and crypto-art, including NFT and the metaverse. In this sense, to dematerialize the works, it was essential to bring together similar professions that usually do not interact.

Therefore, each collection is the result of a collaboration between a digital art expert and a renowned designer / decorator / architect. This approach allows decoration enthusiasts to discover the NFT universe through works that reflect the personality of each couple. It is also possible to acquire, for some works, a physical representation in the form of an NFT.

ELLE Décoration has formed the following couples to participate in this program:

  • Gilles & Boissier / Aurèce Vettier
  • Constance Guisset / Charlotte Taylor
  • Hermine Bourdin / Krista Kim
  • Uchronia / David Porte Beckefeld
  • Bismut & Bismut / DYONISIOS
  • Carlo Zana / Thomas Paquet
  • Benoit Challand / Pietro Franceschini
  • Manuel Cervantes / Nicholas Preaud
  • Studio Döppel / Emir Shiro
  • Laura González / Rebirth
  • Tom Dixon / Alba de la Fuente
  • Sam Buckley / Anthony Authie (Zyva Studio)
  • Benjamin Guedj / Joris Poggioli
  • Christiane Lemieux / William Mapan
  • Isabelle Stanislas / Meteor Studio
  • Sylvain Dubuisson and Mobilier National / Vincent Poinas

This list includes big names in architecture such as Gilles & Boissier, a pair of designers specializing in prestigious interiors (hotels, private apartments, yachts, etc.). We also find Constance Guisset, French designer and set designer famous for her Vertigo chandelier, a real best seller in the world of design. Charlotte Taylor is a British interior designer who has made a name for herself thanks to her geometric and minimalist style and her pastel universe, between real and virtual. Krista Kim is an NFT star in the United States whose work is very popular in the metaverse. The other protagonists of this selection are the English artist Tom Dixon and William Mapan, the new star of generative art.

A tight schedule

The first NFT collections will be presented during Paris Design Week. The exhibition will take place from 10 to 19 September 2022, at the Hôtel de Soubise, in the Marais district of Paris. For the occasion, the designer Sam Baron has imagined an unusual setting, which combines elements of the furniture of this classic apartment with digital creations. This scenography was produced by the Ateliers de France group, which specializes in creating high-end scenographies. The idea is to project the imagined decorative objects onto the screens, with the physical works nearby.

ELLE_NFT_Sylvain Dubuisson Vincent Poinas


The 15 NFT collections will be auctioned on the SuperRare marketplace on which D3SIGN CAPSULE has installed its gallery. The negotiations will take place according to the platform’s auction system, which uses ether (ETH), the native cryptocurrency of the Ethereum network. Before participating in the auction, it is essential to have a crypto wallet such as Metamask to host the purchased NFTs. This pilot operation will be followed next spring by a second drop, designed to democratize NFTs.

Since the “NFT Summer” of 2021, institutions have taken a close interest in blockchain technologies. A myriad of companies have launched their own collections. However, if this practice has become common in various fields such as sports, music or fashion, it is only in its infancy in the world of design. Thanks to ELLE Décoration, the situation could soon change. With D3SIGN CAPSULE, the brand is likely to reinvigorate an entire industry.

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