The Spanish Liga will be the protagonist of Decentraland’s Metaverse

La Liga, the Spanish first division football organization, has established a strategic partnership with Stadioplus and Vegas City Limited, two companies linked to the metaverse, to digitize part of its business to offer new experiences in Decentraland, an Ethereum-based metaverse. Through this initiative, La Liga intends to introduce new fans from around the world to new experiences in virtual worlds.

La Liga prepares his entry into the Spanish Metaverse

After the Covid-19 pandemic, many sports organizations and leagues around the world have begun to pay more attention to their digital strategies to open up new revenue streams. La Ligathe football organization of the Spanish top division and one of the most renowned leagues in Europe, recently announced its entry into the metaverse.

The company has established a strategic partnership that will allow it to showcase activities and experiences in Decentraland, one of the first Ethereum-based metaverse platforms. For this task, the company will rely on Stadioplus, a group dedicated to connecting the world of sport to Web3 and the metaverse, as well as Vegas City Limited, another company specializing in creating experiences for metaverses and virtual worlds.

With this initiative, La Liga hopes to reach new and younger audiences who are more connected to these worlds through virtual experiences. The new experiences will be offered through a collection of plots in Vegas City, a region of Decentraland that hosts sports, gaming and entertainment experiences.

On this partnership, Stephen Ibbotson, Head of Franchising and Licensing at La LigaShe said :

For La Liga, it is essential to continue to innovate to bring the best of the competition to our fans, on and off the pitch. This license agreement will allow us to reach new and relevant audiences, such as Decentraland.

Regarding the importance of integrating sport into the metaverse, Agus Ferreira, CEO of the Decentraland Foundation, said:

We believe that eSports are a great opportunity to show the possibilities of the web3 and decentralization. That’s why we are thrilled to partner with Stadioplus for the inclusion of La Liga in Decentraland, in order to bring this competition, which has hundreds of millions of fans around the world, into the metaverse.

Spanish football teams and the Metaverse

Other Spanish teams also presented various metaverse initiatives. FC Barcelona in March launched Barca Studios, an entertainment-based division to centralize the development of its metaverse business., a fan token company that had already partnered with the club prior to the launch of its fan token, invested $ 100 million in Barca Studios in August.

In addition, FC Real Madrid, another team of La Ligafiled a series of trademark applications to protect its intellectual property for activities in the metaverse.

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