Four points of alert for the Breton Chamber of Trades and Crafts – Brittany

  • 1 Dismissal of personnel in some sectors of activity

  • It is the “collateral damage” of the health crisis that the governance of the Breton Chamber of Crafts and Crafts (CMA) considers to be the heaviest, after the serious economic slowdown in spring 2020. The start of the repayment of the State – loans guarantees could herald a new period of turbulence for businesses. “The little ones got out of it, after the cash aid injected by the state, because the entrepreneurs worked intelligently with their banking institutions”, estimates Michel Aoustin, president of CMA Bretagne. The tail of the comet of the health crisis is rather materialized in a defection of staff in some sectors, such as catering. “Will they come back? asked many of these employers in the beginning. “The answer is no. We have seen many conversions. Generally with small company creations in key”, without the effect of communicating vessels being perfect. It is also difficult for the CMA to establish a follow-up cohort of these creations of enterprise per year +2.

  • 2 Decrease in support for apprenticeship training

  • As the president of CMA Bretagne said Monday, September 19, in Quimper, during the general assembly, the reduction of state aid to companies for apprenticeship training remains a real cause for concern.

    The Chamber of Professions highlights these “thousands of young people who were able to find their way when the future seemed very bleak to them”. The state system (France skills) provides for the payment of an exceptional bonus to companies from 5,000 to 8,000 euros (per apprentice) and funds for training institutions, through the famous apprenticeship tax. How much will the drop be? The CMA fears it will break the momentum started in 2018 following the apprenticeship reform. “Learning is not a cost, it is a personal and collective investment”, comments Michel Aoustin.

  • 3 Structural tension in the labor market

  • This is the other factor which, being permanently part of the regional economic landscape, leads the chamber of commerce to invest more in collaboration with “artisans from other countries to whom we can provide solutions for what they themselves can bring”. Taking the example of the bakery sector where 500 to 600 positions are currently vacant in Brittany, Michel Aoustin announces further that the Breton chamber of commerce will invest more in cooperation with third countries and friends. He thus evoked a program of “cooperation with Africa”, continuing to “accompany our young people towards the exercise of their professions and respond to their legitimate search for meaning”.

    I urge the artisans not to cut their margins. In any case, in order not to lower them to the point of jeopardizing their economic model.

  • 4 Increase in costs

  • The issues of raw materials and energy resources are obviously on the table of CMA Bretagne, in a context of war on the doorstep of Europe, of climate data and of the planet’s resources. Faced with the announced increase in production costs, President Aoustin’s message is clear, and as pragmatic as it is political: “I urge artisans not to cut their margins. In any case, in order not to lower them to the point of jeopardizing their economic model ”, he specifies, inviting the artisans to approach the consultants of their CMAs to refine the break-even points. The consumer under pressure.

    The Breton Chamber of Commerce in a nutshell
    81,000: the number of companies listed by the chamber of trades and crafts.
    11,000: the number of companies, mostly micro-enterprises, created in the area since the beginning of 2022.
    500: the number of vacancies in the bakery sector as of 19 September.
    7,500: the number of members, mostly young people, in the various training courses dependent on the chambers of trade, most of the times training centers for apprentices.
    5: the number of campuses available to the Rennes, Quimper, Vannes, Ploufragan-Aucaleuc, Saint-Malo / Fougères chamber of commerce.

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