Gujan-Mestras: Zeus, an Assis “guru” since this Monday

His trial was originally scheduled a year ago at the Assises de la Gironde in Bordeaux. But, hospitalized for surgery, Claude Alonzo was unable to defend himself. His trial had been postponed. It finally opens on Monday, September 19, and her lawyer has assured her client will be there. He will have to answer “rape, rape for ascending and fraudulent abuse of a person’s ignorance or weakness by the leader of a group pursuing activities by creating, maintaining or exploiting the psychological or physical subjection of the participants”. La Dépêche devoted a long article to the dossier last year. Here it is.

Let’s go back to the facts that since 2016 have widely publicized our columns and those of the regional and national media. For several years, in a small community settled in Gujan, in a hamlet protected by a long alley on the road to Sanguinet, Claude Alonso has been accused of having imposed his domination on unstable women. The case began in the mid-2010s, after a report presented by a relative of the Interministerial Mission for Supervision and Combating Sectarian Abuses (Miviludes) following a break in ties with the entourage and a looting of financial assets. In the case of Claude Alonso, he would have imposed sexual intercourse “intended to recharge Zeus” to “save humanity by avoiding the apocalypse”, quotes Le Parisien in a 2019 newspaper. He would have forced them to sell their properties and make bank loans to finance the needs of the “community”.
“These accusations are somewhat artificial,” assures the defendant’s lawyer, Georges Parastatis. “Obviously we are not in a process of personal enrichment, nor in the desire to rob anyone. “The lawyer did the math:“ We estimate it in a few thousand euros in total, over several years. At that price it is better to beg on the metro … “

“Years to remove this poison that coursed through his veins”

Following the complaint, a lengthy investigation then begins to prove that people are no longer in control of their means, often with the help of psychiatric experts. Interviews need to be multiplied without rushing the alleged victims. Because the latter precisely do not consider themselves victims. During the investigation of “Zeus”, informs “Le Parisien”, several women under his control also testified in his favor. Five women therefore managed to escape from him anyway. And among the victims who will look him in the eyes from Monday – if the debates are held – there is his daughter. “The latter had broken off relations with him at the beginning of his adolescence and then resumed contact a few years later”, remembers his lawyer, Maître Maleine Gueye-Picotin. The latter regularly intervenes in the law of sectarian aberrations. “It took years to gradually remove the poison running through his veins,” insists the lawyer. His daughter thus found herself under his “mystical” authority. Maleine Gueye-Picotin thus dares to use the term “sect” and the vocabulary linked to “this hold”, “this submission” … The daughter has even become, “in spite of herself”, “a lure, a whip to lure”, in this group, new women with often fragile minds. She is also one of these women the second victim on the side of the civil party.

“A real sexual release”

Let’s go back to the survey conducted by “Le Parisien” two years ago. “At the time, Claude Alonso, divorced twice, lived in community with women, giving a speech that mixed mythology and ufology and claiming to care about the laying on of hands. Megalomaniac trends that were already on the surface when he worked as a real estate agent: he then had a glass pyramid built to set up his “executive office”. Before going bankrupt and stealing his wife’s accounts. “In Gujan, where he settled in the early 2000s, Claude Alonso – alias Zeus – simply aims to reconstitute the city of the gods of Olympus: around him the women are renamed Hestia, Demeter, Kore or Artemis, Greek gods. The delirium continues in the evening, in small groups, on the mezzanine of the living room – a cheap “temple” with a scepter, sword, crystal ball, tablets of the law and portraits of Claude Alonso hanging on the walls. “Sitting on his throne, before his kneeling subjects, he talks until late at night. To his followers – women with a traumatic past of incest, alcoholism or prostitution – he imposes the “work” to be carried out under penalty of sanction … Sexual intercourse and the search for the perfect orgasm, in fact, have the purpose of recharging Zeus of energy and, no more, no less, to save humanity by avoiding the apocalypse. One of them, a true sexual outlet, is also forced to wear skirts to immediately satisfy every impulse of the owner of the place … “

“Did my client cheat on his wife? It is not prohibited by law “

Faced with this, Claude Alonso’s lawyer – whose experience is recognized in the archives of crimes and sexual offenses – expresses doubts about the accusations of “multiple sex slaves” that gravitated – forced and coerced – around the seventy-year-old Girondin. «We only have two women who complain», adds Georges Parastatis then lets himself go, with a certain irreverence: «Has my client cheated on his wife? He is not prohibited by law… ”Did his followers join this community of their own free will? For a former Alonso lawyer, “these people joined this community of their own free will and were not detained when they wanted to leave.” Thesis that will be fought by the lawyers of the two victims at the Assises de la Gironde. Maleine Gueye-Picotin: “For a long time, my client had a real fear and she wondered if people would believe her, would understand… she Today she feels ready. “

Sources: La Dépêche du Bassin, Le Parisien, South West.

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