Yuga Labs: the $ 50 million NFT entry

Mechanical Monkeys – The NFT giant Yuga Labs would like to create a new collection in symbiosis with that of the Bored Apes. The Protos media would have had (conditional is essential) access to documents not yet made public to the public regarding the alleged new project of Yuga Labs. If you want to express reluctance about the lack of evidence and information, some details actually give substance to the independent media statement. Their new collection would be called Mechanical Monkeys and it would bring something new to their metaverse.

Yuga Labs would aim for $ 50 million

According to the Protos.com report, the project Mechanical Monkeys is expected to be released later this year. In anticipation, Yuga Labs expects to raise no less than $ 50 million from this new project. In addition to new a priori apes from another universe or at least from another era, Yuga Labs would have anticipated its supposed new collection through scattered details in their collection. “Otherwise for the other side”.

To refresh your memory, Yuga Labs, behind the iconic Bored Apes collection, has not only created simple monkey portraits, but has planned a big project around their initial NFTs.

So, quite recently, the desire to make this collection a part of a future metaverse was announced to the general public. Of particular note is the creation of a token, the “Apecoin”, all around the narrative arc around the project, as well as the sale of 100,000 virtual storylines in the form of NFTs for the metaverse to come. The different plots were sold for the initial individual price of $ 6,000 and each has different characteristics.

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Mechanical parts?

It is these particularities that will interest us in this case, namely the items of a new collection. As with all other NFT collections, textures have characteristics from different categories. For the other acts, there are 6 categories and among these the artifacts. And in these artifacts one type matches this statement, the mechanical parts. Of the 100,000 lands, only 100 have a mechanical artifact and tear themselves away from the price of gold.

To talk quickly about pricing, lots initially sold at $ 6,000 per unit have obviously undergone the full force of the bear market and are now trading at the minimum price of around $ 2500. However, NFTs with a mecha part have a minimum price of $. 20,000 and only have 7 for sale. The last sale of another deed with a mecha artifact was on September 10 at a price of 13 ETH or $ 22,100 on that date. The rumors were already spread among project enthusiasts who did not hesitate to speculate on potential future announcements.

fake news

However, this succession of observations lending intent to Yuga Labs caught the attention of the project co-founder. Who did not fail to keep a clear sentence in response: “fake news”.

However, even if the co-founder should have calmed people with his speech, the reality is quite different. The rumors continue to go strong and take on even more value by opposing the same co-founder.

For the moment, no official announcement of the project concerning the hypothetical collection of the Mechanical Monkeys has been given. The announcement of the co-founder of the company that it was not enough to calm the crowd, the doubt remains. The news would in fact be articulated in harmony with the development projects of Yuga Labs. However, the truth will come out in 3 months at the most.

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