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Club officials meet monthly. Photo: VOV

Hanoi (VNA) – Raising awareness and fighting crime. This is the motto of a social club in An Quang Huu, a municipality annexed to the district of Trà Cu, in the province of Trà Vinh (South). Created a year ago, this club has actively contributed to ensuring security and social order in the place, making An Quang Huu an exemplary municipality in the implementation of the movement “All the population unite to protect national security”.

An Quang Huu is an isolated municipality located 15 km from the center of the Trà Cu district. It has 10 hamlets and 15,000 inhabitants, 45% of which are Khmer. The local population lives mainly from agriculture.

An Quang Huu was selected by the police of Trà Vinh province to apply the exemplary municipality model in the implementation of the “All people unite to protect national security” movement initiated by the Ministry of Public Security. On March 30, 2021, this locality launched a social club whose leaders are representatives of the youth union and associations, dignitaries of the Khmer community. Residents can call the hotline which includes the numbers of the chairman of the people’s committee and the chief of police of the municipality.

“The provincial police have decided to select our municipality to create this first model of social circle which consists in taking care of different groups of people who have committed crimes and convincing them to return to the right path. With the help of the Youth Union, associations and pagoda officials, we managed to convince 26 out of 29 people. Today the crime scene no longer exists in our municipality “, explained Ngô Van Du, president of the popular committee of An Quang Huu, also head of the aforementioned club.

Club officials meet monthly. According to them, awareness and education are important tools to promote compliance with the law and prevent crime and recidivism among offenders. Nguyên Minh Hai, who lives in the hamlet of Dâu Dôi, is a former prisoner.

“I make iron doors, windows, railings, stairs. The police convinced me to stop betting and focus on my work. The municipal authorities supported me financially for the purchase of tools and machines. My neighbors helped me a lot. They introduced me to clients, “she said.

Thanks to the actions taken jointly by the club, municipal authorities and local businesses, people who have violated the law can have easier access to interest-free loans to start their own business. Phan Minh Vuong, chief of police of An Quang Huu municipality and deputy head of the club, said:

“As soon as he returned a year ago, Nguyên Minh Hai integrated well into the community and engaged in his work to rebuild his life. Our club convinced him to join us and helped stabilize his life. Hai has a good professional qualification ”.

To date, the social club has organized 700 meetings for 14,300 people. It has also conducted awareness campaigns on the prevention and fight against the Covid-19 epidemic. The club has acted as a mediator in many disputes.

“Ex-inmates have feelings of inferiority. During the meetings we motivate them to integrate into the community. Our association helps them access bank loans and get closer to culture. We must be close to them so that they can share their difficulties with us. I managed to convince 2 people to get back on the right path. Security and social order are now much more stable than before, “said Lê Thanh Trà, president of the women’s association of An Quang Huu municipality.

With the commitment of its members and the support of local populations, the social club has accompanied local authorities in the defense of security. Soon, this model will be implemented in the neighboring municipality of Dôn Xuân.-VOV / VNA

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