As close as possible to private bank loan projects

Rural creatives don’t always know they can benefit from Adie’s hand to get credit and get their project done, so Adie comes to them by bus.

Adie, the Association for the right to economic initiative, has been present for many years in the various cities of France. By playing the role of intermediary between an individual wishing to open an account and banking institutions, Adie makes credit possible for a public for whom it would be nearly impossible. “We borrow for them, and they pay back the Adie”, explains the association, a role of guarantor that has given birth to great ideas.

This is how a permaculture company was born and an artist was able to start with resography, an innovative process of pigment printing. In Lot-et-Garonne there are many projects and very different profiles, as explained by the head of the local branch Fabien Perion. “We helped an African restaurant in Agen and a young illustrator in Marmande,” explains the latter. Each having benefited from Adie’s “microcredits”, loans of up to € 12,000.

More than 80% of contacts in 2021

And from 2021 the demands have exploded, the consequences of a policy of “going towards”, carried out by Adie’s volunteers and a wave of post-Covid resignations. “People are looking for a bit of meaning, they want to be closer to home, to drive fewer kilometers to spend less on gasoline, to have more flexibility and above all to do what they love”, comments Fabien Perion. The desire is there, but from the idea to the project there is a big step that entrepreneurs often have the impression of having to take, alone … “They don’t always know they can benefit from Adie’s support, so let’s go to meet them “, launches the local manager of the association in Lot-et-Garonne.

Thus was born the idea of ​​Adie’s bus tour. Throughout the week, volunteers from the Association for the Right to Economic Initiative walk the streets of the department to publicize Adie’s actions. At each stop, the small white bus with the red letters of the association stops in the heart of the villages, in the markets or in the main squares, with the aim of answering all the questions of the public.

“There are those who have their idea and are determined to get started, and those who are still hesitant, not really knowing if the business world is for them,” explains one manager. For the latter, a first contact makes it possible to outline the main stages of this change of life, and contacts are made for possible future exchanges, around a coffee in the agency or in one of the Adie hotlines in Lot-et-Garonne. The Adie bus will be this Tuesday 20 September in Feugarolles, in front of the town hall from 10:00 to 12:30, then in Place Armand-Fallières de Mézin from 14:00 to 16:00. Tomorrow, Wednesday 21 September, the Adie bus will be at the Lavardac market, from 10:00 to 12:30, and at the town hall square of Barbaste, from 14:00 to 16:00. On Thursday Adie will be present at the Employment Forum organized by Pôle Emploi at the Digital Campus.

Mobility aids

The Association for the Right to Economic Initiative intends to remove as many barriers as possible to allow everyone access to work and one of these concerns the means of transport to get to work.

So that the kilometers are no longer an obstacle to work, Adie has set up a mobility aid device. On the model of its microcredits, it offers financing for various travel-related projects (financing of driving licenses, payment of some expenses related to the maintenance of a vehicle, purchase aid, etc.).

With her bus tour, Adie introduces all these devices even to a sometimes very isolated audience for which the car is essential.

With Pôle Emploi at the Agen Business Creation Forum

As part of the national week of business creation at the Pôle Emploi “Restart”, a creation forum will be held on Thursday 22 September at the Digital Campus 47 in Agen, from 9:00 to 12:30.

Project leaders, employees and job seekers who wish to create and engage can register to come and meet local job creation partners. These include the Lot-et-Garonne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Urssaf, the Local Mission, Crédit Agricole, CMA, BGE, Lot-et-Garonne Initiative and Adie, which will present its customized support solutions and micro-credits. Everyone will be present around the stands, to discuss with the participants.

Those interested in this Business Creation Forum at Digital Campus 47 in Agen must register by email at the following address:

Fabien Perion, Adie’s local manager, points out that this meeting is not directly linked to the Adie bus tour in Lot-et-Garonne. However, given the success of the event, he now announces that a new edition will take place next year, with a brand new bus acquired for Occitanie and Lot-et-Garonne.

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